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How to Setting Psiphon Pro Axis/XL Card

How to Setting Psiphon Pro Axis/XL – For free Internet nowadays, we often use several applications to make it easier to access the internet for free. One of the free internet applications is Psiphon Pro. The Psiphon Pro application can access the internet by means of a few settings on the application. Then can all sim cards use the Psiphon pro application for free internet? the answer is No, the Sim Card must have a certain bonus or promo to access the internet.

For example Axis Card, why do I recommend using Axis or XL cards to run Psiphon Pro? because the latest Axis card, Axis Hitz, is now giving bonuses in the form of free BBM, Line and Whatsapp, as well as other bonuses. by using the Axis Hitz card we can easily use the Psiphon Pro application for free internet. and the most important thing to know before using the Psiphon Pro application is to make sure your Axis or XL card is without credit and without quota or OPOK. if there is still a package or credit, it’s better not to use this application because your credit and quota will be sucked up, not free internet you get but paid internet. If your axis hitz card is OK (0 credit and 0 quota) the next step is to find out how to use psiphon pro for free internet with an Axis / XL card.

How to Setting Psiphon Pro Axis/XL Card

How to set psiphon pro for axis, actually if you don’t want to set psiphon pro you can just use Psiphon Pro with axis or XL card without setting. but if without settings, usually the BBM, Line, WA bonuses on the hitz axis will be sucked up automatically and the limit must be small. But if in the settings, we can include some bugs to connect the Psiphon Pro application to the internet. Okay, let’s just discuss How to Setting Psiphon Pro With Axis Card.

1. Download and Install the Psiphon Pro Application on your smartphone. (Download Via Google Play Store).

2. Open the Psiphon Pro application on your smartphone, then select the words “OPTIONS“. after that select again “More Options“.

3. After that you will be taken to the Psiphon Pro settings menu. Next you check / checklist on the words “Connect through an HTTP Proxy“. after you check you select “Custom HTTP headers“.

4. The next step you have to check the text “Add custom HTTP headers“. after you check you enter the bug in header 1, header 2 and header 3. You can see the bug that you have to enter in the image below.

5. If you have entered the bug, all you have to do is select the server you like to use on the internet. (I suggest using a Singapore server because it is more stable). Then turn on cellular data and you select start. and you can see the log whether it is connected or not by pressing the words “LOGS“, and when it is connected it will look like the image below.


That’s about How to Setting Psiphon Pro Axis/XL Card. Actually you can connect this application to the internet without setting but it is certain that the limit is small. Okay bro, that’s all how to set up psiphon pro without root, hopefully it’s useful.

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