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How to Setting and Using VPN on Android Without Root

How To Use VPN On Android Without Root – For those of you who often actively use the internet, whether it’s used for browsing or otherwise, you are certainly no stranger to VPNs. and this time we will provide a tutorial on how to set up an android vpn without an application. and we will also provide you with easy steps on how to set up an android vpn for free internet. For those of you who don’t understand what a VPN is, we will explain briefly.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network technology that allows you to access the internet, if you connect from a different location. so it can be concluded that a VPN is an ISP operator or a local network, you can’t check or filter traffic and if you surf the internet or other sites, the site will see your IP address is different when you visit the site.

For more details, if you use a US VPN server but you are in Indonesia, your internet address will automatically adjust to your VPN address. As for the advantage of a VPN, that is, you can open blocked sites, or sites that have been blocked by positive Internet. By using a VPN service you can use internet services from the server you are using.

How to Setup Android Vpn Without Root

Well, we have started to get to the point that we will discuss, namely how to set and how to use a VPN on android without root. and in this tutorial we provide how to set up a vpn on android without an application, so that means you can activate a VPN on your android without installing many VPN applications on the Play Store. in order to lighten your Android phone so that there are not many applications. well, let’s just discuss how to set up vpn on android without root and the following steps.

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Here’s how to set up an android vpn without an app

#1. The first step, you go to settings on your android phone, then select “Other Connection Settings“.

#2. The second step, you choose VPN and then you choose “Add VPN“Enter the name of the VPN (free) then select the Type “PPTP“, and the server address you enter then click save.

#3. The third step, you click the VPN that you have created, then enter the username and password. then click Connect, and wait for it to connect to the internet.

Addition :

At this stage how to set up vpn on android without an application is complete, but if you are confused where we get the server address and username and password, we will show you how to find the server address and user name and password.

  1. First you go to, then you select an option PPTP there will automatically be a vpn account with a username and password. This username and password is what you enter on third step above.
  2. And for the server address in the second step above, you enter the server address in the vpnbook, for example the server address from the vpnbook as below, and you can select one of the servers you want to use to enter second step above.


Conclusion :

That’s How to Setting and Using VPN on Android Without Root. if someone asks if you can surf free android with vpn? then the answer is that you can or can’t or yes, because every sim card has bugs that haven’t been fixed and some have. So how to free internet on android with a vpn can work. well that’s it, how to set up vpn android easily and setting vpn android 2022 may be useful.

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