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How to Send Free SMS to Many Numbers of All Operators Via the Internet

Due to the advancement of social media such as Whatsapp which is very often used to send short messages because WhatsApp is free and fast to send messages compared to SMS using the messaging application on your smartphone.

Because many people are more concerned with buying internet packages than SMS or telephone credit, it is certain that you will not be able to send messages (SMS) if you don’t have credit.

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Therefore, we introduce a new breakthrough, namely the latest online SMS via the internet quickly without using a penny. free sms via fast internet without credit is quite easy, you just have to go to a website that provides free online sms 2022, as we will discuss this time.

Good without wasting time, following free sms via fast internet without credit to all operators.

How to SMS Free Via Fast Internet All Operators

As we said earlier, sending SMS online instantly has many advantages, namely that you can text to many numbers without having to spend credit, because we already know that every SMS must use credit to send it except for subscribing to SMS.

However, with the existence of online sms with the internet, it is easier for us to sms which is certainly free. here’s how to do online sms via the latest internet quickly and easily.

Free SMS Using FreeSms4us

1. Go to the Freesms4us site [Masuk]

2. The first step is that you have to register first to use the free sms service on this site. To register as usual, you just need to fill out the form below.

3. After successfully registering, please create a free sms to be sent to someone by entering a message and the cellphone number of the recipient of your sms.

4. After you make an sms and have also entered the recipient’s number, then you verify the sms with numbers as shown below.

5. After the word SUCCESS appears, it means that your sms has been entered or is in the delivery stage. to see the outgoing sms process you just click on the toolbar above the text OUT.

6. Then the outgoing SMS data will appear, and the status of the entry of the message or not will also appear.

7. Done.

Using free sms online is very easy and simple because with just a few steps you can already send a message to someone by sms but with free sms free of charge.

The final word :

That’s How to Send Free SMS to Many Numbers of All Operators Via the Internet. For those of you who want to text via the internet online and for free, maybe the method of sending free sms online above can help you. maybe that’s the only way to send free sms for all operators, hopefully it will be useful.

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