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How to Save/Download Videos From Smule To Gallery Easily

How to Save/Download Videos From Smule To Gallery – The Smule application is an application used for karaoke with a large selection of available songs and you can also have a karaoke duet with friends or the singer of the song. With many features from smule to karaoke that will make you feel at home karaoke by singing your favorite song.

Well,,, if you are karaoke / recording you don’t need to worry about the recording you made earlier because you have saved the video from Smule earlier. then how to save videos from smule so that they are directly saved to the gallery? On this occasion I will share tips for you on how to save Smule recordings to the cellphone gallery.

Previously, many people had difficulty saving their Smule video recordings because there was no save recording feature in the Smule application, therefore Nakblogz will now tell you how to save Smule recordings easily and quickly.

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How to Save Smule Video Recordings To HP Gallery

To save or download videos recorded by the Smule application, you only need the help of a third-party application, namely the Downloader for Smule application. with this application you simply put the url of your smule recording then there will be an option to download the video. The following are the steps to download Smule videos via cellphone.

  • Download the Downloader for Smule app [DOWNLOAD]
  • Open the Smule application, search for the video you want to save]
  • Click the share button
  • Then copy the link
  • After the link from the video has been obtained, you then open the Download for Smule application
  • Click Add url and definitely the link from the smule video
  • Then there is a choice of video formats, then click Download
  • Finished

That’s an easy way to save videos from Smule directly to the cellphone gallery without being complicated. there are actually many applications for saving Smule videos, but I suggest using the Downloader for Smule application above.

The final word :

That’s How to Save/Download Videos From Smule To Gallery I hope this helps. well maybe that’s just how to save videos from smule to gallery and how to save smule recordings to cellphone gallery. Hope it is useful.

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