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How to Save Video From Facebook to Gallery

How to save videos from facebook to gallery – Facebook is a social media that is currently a trend. Almost everyone in this world has this social media. From children to old people. By using facebook, everyone will get various information from facebook. The information obtained is also true and there is a hoax (lie).

For this reason, Facebook users must be aware of the news that spreads on Facebook, whether it’s from a group, or the status of friends on Facebook. By using Facebook as a means of communication and information, we can all upload images, videos, and moving animations. Especially for videos, when we are watching videos on Facebook, have we ever thought about how to save videos from Facebook?

Well… Videos on Facebook are not so easy to save on your device, unlike saving photos from Facebook, which doesn’t take time to save. Saving videos from Facebook is indeed difficult and not easy if you don’t know the trick. For that I will try to share a trick to save videos from Facebook easily and simply. Immediately, we discuss the following easy way to save videos from Facebook.

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#1. Using android app

This application is called Video Downloader For Facebook. You can get this application for free on the Google Play Store. By using this Video Downloader For Facebook application you will find it easier to save/download videos from Facebook.

Using this application to save videos from Facebook is very easy and simple. If you can’t use this application, please follow the tutorial below:

The first step :

Please search for this application on the google play store, after downloading, please open the application as shown below.

Second Step:

After you open the application a message will appear on how to use it, please click “Got It!” according to the image below.

Third step :Click the words “Browse Facebook” as shown below.

Fourth Step:
So, until here, you just need to enter your Facebook account or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create a new account first. ( view image).

Fifth Step:

After you log in using your Facebook account, please search for the video you want to save or download. If you have found the video, please click on the video and it will say “Cancel”, (if you want to cancel), “Watch” (if you want to watch the video), “Download” (to save the video). For that, please select “Download to save the video on your device.

After the above steps are done correctly the video that will be saved will automatically download by itself, and when it is finished it will be saved directly in this application and in your smartphone gallery. if it has been successfully saved, the downloaded video will be on the application dashboard. (like the picture below) if it looks like the picture below, it means that you have successfully saved the video from Facebook.

#2. No App

If the method above uses an application from the google play store, it is different with this one method you don’t need to download an application to download videos from facebook, but all you need is a pc.

how to download it is easy, for that follow the steps to save fb videos without the application below:

1. Login to your facebook account first.

2. Next, open the Facebook page where you want to download the video.

3. After that change the url or facebook address to mobile mode by:

For example :
then you add the letter “m” in front of the word facebook, and it will be

After it has been changed, you just press enter and you have entered the letter “m” before the word facebook, the function given the letter m is to make it easier to download videos from facebook with the mobile version.

4. And after you find the video you want to download, please click on the video and when the video is running right click and select “Save Video as”
As an example :

By clicking save video above, please save the video in MP4 format by clicking Save to save to PC. And the video will automatically download itself to your computer or pc.

So, if you do it correctly, the video that you downloaded from Facebook should be downloaded and stored properly. If you have difficulty saving videos from Facebook by following the method above, you can ask in the comments below. If you don’t understand, you can watch the video above.

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