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How to Register Mobile IMEI at the Ministry of Industry 2022

This is done because to check and also overcome illegal cellphones originating from the Black Market, they are widely circulated in the community which will later make losses for the government and also users for using BM (Black Market) cellphones.

This trial aims to assess the ability and readiness of operators to operate the mobile device control system through IMEI.

For those of you who are laymen and still don’t know what IMEI is? IMEI is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identify or more easily we call it the identification card of our cellphone.

IMEI itself usually consists of a 16-digit number that already exists from the factory, this number can be in the cellphone box, or more easily you can check the IMEI in your smartphone settings.

Many don’t know what the function of IMEI is? According to Nakblogz, the IMEI function itself, which can be used to block your cellphone, for example, is stolen, and can also track your cellphone if it is lost using the IMEI.

That’s about the discussion of the IMEI on the cellphone. OK, let’s go straight to the discussion material on how to register IMEI at

How to Check HP IMEI at the Ministry of Industry 2022

Before checking the IMEI of your cellphone at the Ministry of Industry, whether it has been registered or not, you first checked the SMS from KOMINFO containing a message that your cellphone has been registered with the government.

However, if you haven’t received the SMS, you can check it yourself through the official government website following the steps for registering IMEI at the Ministry of Industry 2022.

1. Before registering for IMEI at the Ministry of Industry, you must first check the IMEI number of your cellphone, to check it you simply “Go to Settings – About Phone – Status – IMEI

3. Then you”Paste“Your IMEI number, then click the search icon.

4. If already registered, a notification will appear that your IMEI is registered in the Ministry of Industry database.


For those of you whose mobile IMEI has not been registered in the Ministry of Industry’s database and also did not receive an SMS from the Communications and Information Technology, it could be that your cellphone was illegal from the black market.

But you don’t have to panic because the government will not block your cellphone but only block the internet network so that your cellphone can only be used as usual but without internet.

Well, that’s all an explanation of how to register IMEI at the Ministry of Industry 2022, hopefully it will be useful.

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