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How to Record Android Screen Without Apps and Without Root

The advantage of recording the android screen is when we want to capture the moment of playing a game into a video. Because what we know is that only a few Android phones can record the screen, to be more precise, the Android version 5.0 and above can only record the screen without root. because if your android cellphone version is below 5.0 (Lollipop) then you are required to root the cellphone and even then it doesn’t guarantee your android cellphone can record the screen.

So the conclusion is to record android screen without root and without application, first make sure your android version is version 5.0 + if you have, you can see the tutorial that I will share this time about how to record android screen without additional screen recorder application.

Previously, many did not know whether you can record Android screen without a screen recorder application? the answer is yes, if your android phone is version 5.0+ and there is also the latest version of Google play games. because to record the android screen without a screen recorder application, we need the default android application, namely Google Play Games (I’m sure all android phones must have a google play game application).

Maybe that’s all the material for recording screens without root on Android, which you can later use to record mobile legend games, PUBG Mobile, and other games that you want to capture into a video. well, here’s how to easily record Android screen without an application.

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How to record Android cellphone screen without an application

As I said above, recording android screen without root and without applications only by using Google Play Games. For more details, see how to record screen without the application below with Google Play Games.

1. The first step, you first update Google Play Game (Update on Google Play Store) and if you have the latest version open Google Play Game.

2. Select the game that you want to record later. then click the Recorder sign as shown below.

3. Then you will be asked to choose the quality of the recorded video, and you select “Launch“When the game is running, there will be a screen recorder icon as shown below.

4. Then you can select start recording by pressing the red icon and to pause the recording you click the red icon again.

5. The screen recording video has been successfully saved in the gallery.

#Info : Not only can you record games, you can use Google Play Games to record the free Android screen that you want to record.

The trick is when you record a game, you pause the screen recorder icon and then press the button Home then you find the object you want to record.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Record Android Screen Without Screen Recorder Application Easily. I remind you once again the above method to record android screen without root and without the application can only run on android version 5.0 and up only. well maybe that’s just how to screen recorder without an application and how to record android screen without root. Hope it is useful.