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How to Overcome Instagram Quitting Alone and Frequently Quitting

How to Overcome Instagram Often Stops Alone – Instagram is a very popular social media application today.

Because with Instagram we can access or share photos or videos just like other social media applications.

But what makes Instagram more popular is that the security system and features in this application are very good for people who like to upload photos or videos or even for online shops, the Instagram application is indeed the best application for that.

With sophistication and many features, it does not make Instagram free from errors or the Instagram application is prone to errors.

One of the errors that we often find in the Instagram application is that Instagram often stops itself, and Instagram doesn’t respond.

Often this happens and many people ask why Instagram often stops itself?

The simple answer to this is that the Instagram application is still not perfect because there are too many features in Instagram which later can cause application errors.

for youIf you often experience Instagram stopping by itself, maybe this article can solve your problem about the Instagram application stopping.

Here’s how to fix Instagram going out on its own and continuing to quit easily.

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How to Overcome Instagram Quitting Alone

Before going to the topic of discussion, we need to know why Instagram often stops itself and what causes Instagram to stop itself.

Here are the causes and how to fix Instagram stopping itself.

Cause Instagram Stopped Alone

  1. The Instagram app is still in Beta
  2. Too much cache stored
  3. Mobile that rarely restarts

After knowing the cause of the Instagram application stopping itself, then we will reveal how to deal with Instagram that exits by itself and often stops.

1. Update the Instagram Application

If the Instagram that you have often goes out by itself, you don’t have to worry, you can try updating Instagram via the oplay store. the method : Go to Play Store – Search Instagram – Update.

Because this application often occurs bug fixes and features by Instagram. therefore making this application quickly you should update to the latest version.

2. Clear Instagram Cache

It could be the thing that makes your Instagram application often exit itself and stop.

One of them is that there is a lot of cache or activity history that you do on Instagram that accumulates and makes this application exit itself or stop.

An easy way to deal with Instagram going out on its own is:Go to HP Settings – Find Application Manager – Instagram – Clear Cache/Data“.

You can delete the cache or Instagram data, if you delete Instagram data you have to re-login on Instagram like it was the first time using Instagram.

But if you remember your Instagram username and password, it won’t be a problem to delete Instagram data.

3. Restart the phone

The way to deal with Instagram coming out on its own on iPhone/Android is by restarting or turning off your cellphone every once in a day.

Restarting the cellphone once a day will make your iPhone system smoother and this method is very effective if you experience the Instagram application often stops and exits on its own.

4. View Internet Network

It’s possible that a bad network can make Instagram stop or exit on its own.

Therefore you need to check your signal and internet signal strength to make sure this application is an error or your signal is bad.

5. Reinstall the app

If the method above still makes your Instagram application still exit itself when it is opened.

Then you have to uninstall the application and re-download the Instagram application with another version of Instagram.

For you, I suggest using the old version of Instagram, you can download it on Google or a trusted site like Uptodown.

The final word :

That’s How To Overcome Instagram Quitting Alone And Frequently Quitting.

You can use the methods above one by one to overcome your Instagram application which often stops.

And also Instagram exits itself when you open Instagram. Hope it is useful.

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