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How to Overcome HP Lag When Playing Free Fire Games

How to Overcome Lag Game Free Fire 2022 – This android game is indeed a lot of fans and enthusiasts of Survival games.

The video game that is familiar to you is Free Fire. This survival game has many players, especially in Indonesia.

Free Fire developed by Garena is one of the best survival games, especially on smartphones.

Because this game is not too big in size and also has very unique in-game features.

Although there are many survival games on Android, one of them is PUBG which is Garena Free Fire’s toughest rival.

However, even though the size of the Free Fire game is not as big as the PUBG game, for Lag or broken problems, the Free Fire game can happen.

So what causes the game to break when playing FF? Here I explain the causes and how to overcome the ff lag on 2gb ram 2022.

Causes of Lag Game Free Fire (FF)

Several factors can cause lag when playing games.

If you experience a broken lag or force close while playing FF, there may be something causing this.

Here are the causes of the Nakblogz version of the Android game lag.

  • At least android RAM
  • Full Internal Storage
  • Graphics Too High
  • Unstable Network

How to Overcome Lag Free Fire 2022

By knowing the cause of Lag while playing games, Next are tips to avoid lag.

This is so that the cellphone doesn’t lag when playing games, especially FF (Free Fire).

1. Change Free Fire Graphics

By setting high graphics in the Free Fire game, the cellphone will not be strong if the HP specifications are not strong.

The easiest way is to use the lowest graphics to avoid lag when playing games.

The method is: Open FF Game – Select Settings – Graphich – Select Smooth (the lowest).

2. Clear Free Fire Cache

One of the reasons why FF games often lag is the game cache that is rarely cleaned.

A little explanation about cache, cache is an activity or history that you do when you open a game or application.

Usually if it is not cleaned it will accumulate and make the application or game error or lag.

How to clean the Free Fire game cache is Go to HP Settings – Select Application Manager – Free Fire – Clear Cache.

3. Use Game Booster App

By using an anti-lag free fire application, namely Game Booster, it will make free fire games lighter when opened and played.

The first step is that you download and install the Game Bosster application and run it, select Free Fire.

4. Restart Smartphone

A simple way and people still rarely know is to restart the cellphone.

Restarting can make HP more optimal in running applications, one of which is the free fire game.

5. Check Internet Network

If the internet network that you use to play games is not good, it will cause errors, one of which is lag.

Therefore, here’s how to overcome the 999+ signal in free fire.

A fairly powerful way is to check the internet connection you are using.

6. Update the Free Fire Game

One way to overcome lag in FF games is to update the game to a newer version.

The method : Open Play store – Search Free Fire – Update.

After updating, you use the latest game version which will make the game not lag or break.

Those are some ways to overcome ff lag on 2gb ram 2022.

However, the most effective way to overcome broken lag is to lower the graph to smooth (low).

Then it will make your FF game no longer lag.

That’s a few ways so that the cellphone doesn’t lag when playing the Free Fire game. Hope it is useful.

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