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How To Not Lag When Playing Mobile Legends

How to Overcome Lag When Playing Mobile Legends – Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends game? MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre games are very widely played. Because by playing the Mobile Legends game, we can play with friends and also have to do teamwork to achieve victory.

And this game is very suitable to be played in free time and relaxing and when hanging out with friends. but most online games on samrtphone often experience lag. Lag is a problem that arises when playing online games can be caused by the internet network, inadequate smartphone specifications, the game application has many bugs.

Also, Mobile Legends games often experience lag problems when playing, which will make us often annoyed because when we are playing, we suddenly lag. as we already know in this mobile legends game, just 1 second of time is wasted then we can lose the level and will cause defeat in this mobile legends game. and to overcome lag when playing mobile legends, this time I will give tips so as not to lag when playing mobile legends games.

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How to Overcome Lag When Playing Mobile Legends

The main cause of lag when playing online games for example mobile legends is the server problem. the more people play this game, the heavier the server which will cause lag. and another cause is the internet network and smartphone specifications are not strong enough to play this ml game. and to overcome this, here’s how to overcome the mobile legends lag.

1. Activate Speed ​​Mode on Mobile Legends

The simplest way to overcome lag when playing this mobile legends game is to activate Speed ​​Mode. by activating speed mode it will relieve lag when playing ml, but your internet data quota is very wasteful because you activate this speed mode. but allows no lag while playing. to activate speed mode is quite easy, namely: Click Settings (gear) on mobile legends → then scroll down and you immediately activate Speed ​​Mode.

2. Change the Graphics of Mobile Legends

The way to overcome lag when playing mobile legends next is to change the mobile legends graphic to Low or Medium settings. because if you set High, it is possible that the effects and maps of mobile legends will be very detailed and will make the smartphone lag because it is not strong enough to display high effects and graphics, especially for low spec smartphones.

3. Frequently Update Mobile Legends Applications

Lag can also occur because of a bug in the application and if the bug has been fixed by the game developer, it will be asked to update. for manual updates you can update via the google play store. by updating regularly on the mobile legends application, lag will rarely occur.

4. Playing in the Midnight

Usually in the middle of the night the mobile legends game server is used a little so at that time there will be rarely lag when playing ml. and in the middle of the night usually the internet network in Indonesia also becomes fast and stable when used at midnight because of the few users.

5. Use the Pinger Application – Anti Lag

The last way to overcome lag is to use an anti-lag mobile legend application. If your internet network is still not stable and you want to play mobile legends, take it easy because with the Pinger – Anti Lag For Mobile Legends application there will be no lag when playing mobile legends. how to use this application is very simple you just open this application then press the power button and automatically pinger ON.

INFO: Using the Pinger – Anti Lag application does not guarantee no lag when playing mobile legends but with this application the internet network signal becomes more stable and better.

The final word :

Well, that’s the way not to lag when playing Mobile Legends. after trying the tips above, the lag on your mobile legends should be rare. well maybe that’s all. How to overcome lag when playing mobile legends and applications so that playing mobile legends doesn’t lag. Hope it is useful.

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