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How To Not Be Seen Online on Instagram 2022

How to Hide Online Status on Instagram – Have you ever opened a DM (direct massage) and you chatted with friends and then saw the status “Online”? what is the function of the activity being online?

Often you will see that your friend’s Instagram dm is online, the same as whatsapp about the words “ONLINE” which has a function for us if we chat with that person that the person is still online or is actively using the social media application.

But for some people sometimes feel uncomfortable if when they are using Instagram and look “Online” on Instagram it will make other people think we are arrogant, if many DMs come in but you don’t reply, and even though you are “Online” to solve things Then we recommend a solution for you to disable Instagram online.

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By hiding “Online” will make you look as if you are not active on Instagram but actually you are still active. to shorten the good time, here’s a way to keep people from knowing your activity on Instagram by hiding “Online Status”.

How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

1. The first step, you enter the Intstagram application then select your profile “Three point“top right corner then you select”Arrangement“.

2. Then you select the menu “Privacy

3. Next select “Activity Status

4. The last step, you just turn it off “ON button

5. Done.

Many conclude that not showing online when we are active on Instagram brings many advantages because we can make people think we are not active on Instagram.

But there is also a bad side if someone else wants to chat with us, we are seen as not being active on Instagram. Thus it can be concluded that there are positive and negative sides when you hide “On line” on Instagram.

The final word :

That’s How To Not Be Seen Online on Instagram 2022. For those of you who want to maintain privacy so that other people don’t know about your activity on Instagram, maybe you can try a tutorial on how to turn off being active on Instagram. Hope it is useful.

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