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How to Make Grid Photos on Instagram Easily

How to Make an Instagram Grid Photo – The Instagram application is a photo and video sharing application that is very popular today. It is undeniable that everyone who has a smartphone must have an Instagram application on their smartphone.

With so many Instagram users, even artists, public figures often use Instagram because it’s easier to share photos and short videos with many people. With many unique Instagram compared to other social media applications, what makes Instagram the best is the follower system.

The follower system I mean is where only people who follow (followers) can see your posts on Instagram, be it photos, stories or even short videos that are limited to one minute.

Because Instagram has a main role, namely as a place to share photos/images, it is certain that the image or photo that you upload on Instagram will match the original image and will never be damaged, unlike other social media, if the photo is getting longer, the photo will be damaged.

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Maybe that’s just a brief explanation of the Instagram application. well, let’s go straight to the point of discussion, which is about the Instagram grid photo. Instagram grid photos are photos that are divided into several parts which will be uploaded one by one on Instagram which later after being uploaded will become a unified photo even though it has been split into several parts.

If you are interested in doing a photo grid into several parts which will later be uploaded on Instagram, maybe this one article can help you as a solution. well, here’s how to make a photo grid on Instagram easily.

How to Create the Latest Instagram Grid Photo

As I said above, making a photo in the form of a grid or several parts that will be put together in the Instagram application is indeed very easy, you just need to know the tutorial as below.

Steps to Make a Photo Grid

1. The first step you just download the Grid For Instagram application [DOWNLOAD]

2. Next, you open the application, then click the image icon and add the image/photo that you want to make a grid.

3. Then you select the size of the photo to be cut. (There are many sizes, you just have to choose)

4. After you finish selecting the size, then you upload the photo grid according to the sequence of numbers given in the image. (Sort uploads to instagram from image no. 1 in order to the last number in the image).

5. Done, you just see your photo grid on Instagram.

INFO!!: For those of you who use the Instagram grid application above, you can also cut an image or photo into several parts without having to upload it to Instagram. that is with “SAVE ALL” that is in step no. 4 above.

The final word :

That’s How to Make Grid Photos on Instagram Easily. Maybe that’s just how to make an instagram grid and how to make an instagram grid in photoshop and how to make an instagram grid with picsart. I hope how to make photos on Instagram smaller, can help you. Hope it is useful.

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