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How to make 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without an application

How to make 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without an application – The Mobile Legends game on Android has indeed become one of the most widely played games at this time. Because the excitement of playing mobile legends games will make us forget the time when playing the android moba game. interestingly, the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game is almost similar to the DOTA game on the PC platform, except that Mobile Legends Bang Bang can be played on smartphones.

Not only in terms of appearance on the mobile legends game that makes this game boom, but this game carries 5 vs 5 battles using various unique heroes found in the Mobile Legends game. Interestingly, in 5 vs 5 battles we can invite our friends to be invited as Teams or enemies. in the Mobile Legends game we are required to destroy the enemy tower in order to achieve victory. In destroying the tower, we have to fight the enemy team that is guarding the tower.

In the excitement of playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang, many players who are not satisfied with playing with one account want to add a mobile legend account to one cellphone. Therefore, on this occasion, we will share a tutorial on how to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without an application or with an application multiplier such as parellel space. For those of you who don’t have this Mobile Legends game, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the smartphone specifications that you use to play this game.

For example, to play this game to run smoothly, at least your Android RAM must be 1GB more so that you can feel playing the game smoothly with a good display. but if your smartphone has less than 1GB of RAM, maybe you need to set the Mobile Legends game to select LOW graphics so it doesn’t lag.

If you’ve played the Mobile Legends game on Android, but want to add a Mobile Legends account, we have a way to create or add a Mobile Legends account on one smartphone. namely how to create 2 mobile legend accounts with gmail and how to create 2 mobile legend accounts with the application. well, just go to the following subject. How to create 2 Mobile Legend accounts in one cellphone.

How to Create 2 Mobile Legends Accounts Without an Application

To add a Mobile Legends account, here we can create a gmail account to add it. but it should be noted that in adding an account, you must first check if the account is already connected to your mobile legends game. if it is connected to a gmail account, then we create 2 legends accounts without an application, namely in the following way.

Before creating 2 mobile legends accounts, you use the Parallel space multiple account application to create a new mobile legends account. if you have played mobile legends in parallel space then you save the account into your new google play account. by Bind / link accounts so that your mobile legends account is stored in the google account. after that you can delete the parallel space application to save storage space. then you use the method below to switch mobile legends accounts.

1. First you open Mobile Legends then press Profile then select ” Account ” then Bind account, ( Account Bind Function this is to link your mobile legends game so that it will not be lost if the mobile legends game is deleted on the smartphone). then you select agoogle play account that you want to relate to the mobile legends game.

2. After you have connected to a google account, it will look like below.

3. If it looks like the above, then your mobile legends account is safe and will not be lost. the next step you create a google account first if you don’t have one, but if you already have it, you don’t have to create it again. if a new google account already exists.

4. Next you open HP Settings Application Manager Mobile Legends Bang Bang Clear Data / Clear Data. OR you can delete the Mobile Legends application and then install it again.

5. Then you open the Mobile Legends game then it will look like the beginning of the game. you will be asked to associate with an account, now this is where the Google Account that you just created is linked to the Mobile legends that you just created as well. and congrats you can play 2 mobile legends accounts in one cellphone without a help application.

Then What About Old Mobile Legends Accounts?

Take it easy buddy, your first mobile legends account will not be lost because in step 1 above you have linked the old mobile legends account with a google account. then to return to the old mobile legends account, you just have to follow the steps below.

  • Open game Mobile Legends select Profile Account Replace Existing Account then select google account which you linked earlier to the old Mobile legends account.
  • Finished.

If you have followed the step by step above, it is certain that there will be no problems, whether the old account is lost or cannot create 2 mobile legends accounts.

Conclusion :

That’s How to make 2 Mobile Legends accounts in 1 cellphone without an application . it’s possible to secure the first / initial account so that it doesn’t disappear, you should make sure that it is linked first so that it won’t be lost when creating a new mobile legends account. well maybe that’s all, how to create 2 mobile legend accounts with gmail and how to create a new mobile legends account, hopefully it will be useful.