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How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook or Youtube

How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube – The Android game that is currently popular is Mobile Legends, who doesn’t know about this 5 vs 5 game? surely people will know this moba game. You can play Mobile Legends on Android, iPhone, iPad, even PC or Laptop devices.

Therefore, mobile legends are increasingly favored by Indonesian gamers today. well, if you want to capture the results of your battle in mobile legends, you don’t need to be confused about finding a solution.

The solution is to do a Live Streaming, either on FB or Youtube. by live streaming mobile legends on social media we can play mobile legends and also broadcast live on facebook or youtube.

Then how to live stream mobile legend on facebook or on youtube? well without wasting time, here’s How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook or Youtube, take a good look at the tutorial below.

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How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook or Youtube

For those of you who want to broadcast live on the mobile legends game to fb or youtube, actually the mobile legends game has provided a feature to broadcast live either to youtube or live on facebook.

However, if you use the features in the game to do live streaming, your internet network signal must be stable and good, because if your internet network is not good, it will cause the game to lag and the video quality will be damaged and even the image will be broken.

Therefore, if you want to live stream mobile legends without lag and save quota, you can use third-party applications which we will discuss below.

1. Download the Omlet Arcade application via google play store [DOWNLOAD]

2. If you have finished downloading the Omlet Arcade application, then open the application and Login / Register an account to enter the Omlet Arcade application.

3. If you have finished logging in or successfully entered the Omlet Arcade application, then you select the words “Live broadcast” and select the Mobile Legends game.

4. The mobile legends game will automatically open, and there will be an arcade omlet icon in your mobile legends game. then you click the icon, then there will be an option to “live broadcast

5. Choose to broadcast live on Facebook or to Youtube.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : If you are doing a live broadcast to fb or youtube for the first time, to do a live broadcast to Facebook you must log in with your fb account in order to be able to live on facebook. it’s the same as doing on youtube, you have to login to your youtube account to do live streaming.

The final word :

That’s How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook or Youtube. To live stream mobile legends on fb or youtube with the Omlet Arcade application, it will be easier for you to do live broadcasts because the features in this omlet arcade application are very complete, for example: you can choose video quality, record sound and many more features of Omlet Arcade . well maybe that’s all the tutorial on how to live stream mobile legend on facebook and a little review of the mobile legend live streaming application, omlet arcade. Hope it is useful.