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How to Insert Presets into Adobe Lightroom Android

How to Import Lightroom Mobile Presets – Adobe Lightroom is a photo editor application that is very popular with many people.

Because using lightroom we can change and adjust the photo effects we want to edit and become better.

Just like Adobe Photoshop, the Lightroom application has a few differences in photo effects, which are very abundant and also have complete photo editing features and are very easy to use on Android.

However, because there are so many photo editing processes in Lightroom, it makes us bored or tired of editing photos, let alone editing a lot of photos, but we still manually edit the editing effects.

But now you don’t have to be confused and tired to edit lots of photos because now with the presence of presets in Lightroom, it’s easier for you without editing photos because you just need to choose the preset we want and use it.

Very simple and easy photo editing with presets in lightroom. but for those of you who are new and don’t know what a preset is.

Lightroom presets are a collection of formulas in a setting made during photo editing that is saved in a certain format.

In other words, presets make us not need to make editing settings from scratch because with presets we just have to choose the preset we use without having to set editing from the start.

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So it’s very helpful for those of you who have little time but want to edit photos to be cooler, just add a preset that suits your taste.

if you already know the explanation of the lightroom presets, then where can we get the presets?

You can get it on youtube or you yourself have good edits, you just have to export your presets and then you import them back to use on your other photos.

Good for those of you who already have or download lightroom presets but are confused about how to enter these presets into your Lightroom application on android.

You don’t have to worry because this time we will share a trick for you, namely how to enter a lightroom cc android preset.

How to Import Lightroom Mobile Presets

There are various ways to enter presets into the Lightroom application, but I will share a method that is quite easy for you to understand. here’s how to import lightroom presets.

1. Your first step is to download the lightroom preset and then extract it until it becomes a file file.

2. Next you move the preset file to “Internal Storage – Android – Data – com.adobe.lrmobile – files – carouseldocuments – 0000000 – profiles – settings – UserStyle

3. The last step is to open the lightroom application and then specify the photo you want to edit then on the preset menu select the preset that you moved earlier.

4. Done.

For those of you who want to get lightroom presets you can search on youtube, or if you want premium quality you can buy lightroom presets online.

Or you can make your own lightroom presets by editing photos and then exporting presets. Well maybe that’s the only way to import Adobe Lightroom presets on Android, hopefully it’s useful.

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