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How to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer or Laptop Safely and Easily

There are many ways to hide files on a laptop or computer, either by using a password, with an application or by using a trick without an application, which we will discuss in this article.

Previously, by hiding folders or in the form of files, whether in the form of images, videos, songs or other important documents. Hiding a folder on a laptop/computer also has an advantage, namely a private secret folder or file that only you can know without other people being able to open it.

Of course you need a way to hide the file so it’s safe and confidential so that other people can’t find it. good, therefore here we will share a trick for you to hide files or folders on a laptop or computer very easily but their security and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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Following How to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer or Laptop Safely and Easily.

How to Hide Files on Computer

As we explained above, this time we will provide a trick for you to hide secret files/folders and also safely, without using additional applications. but just need a few simple tricks that are easy to understand. this is an easy way to hide files on a laptop / computer.

The method :

1. The first step, you find the file or folder that you want to hide its existence.

2. After the folder has been found, then you Right click the folder then select “PROPERTIES

3. After that select or check the text “Hidden“then press”OK

4. Done Your folder or file has been successfully hidden.

How ? It’s quite easy isn’t it how to hide files on the computer? With the above method, you no longer need to use additional applications or complicated methods, just the above method is guaranteed to be successful and simple.

Then how to re-display the file/folder that we hid earlier? Here’s how to show Hidden Files on Laptop/Computer.

The method :

1. You go to Computer, then select the words “ORGANIZE“next click”Folder and Search Options

2. Then on the Folder Options menu, you select the “View“And a menu will appear”Hidden files and folders“In the menu you check the words “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”. then press OK

3. The file you hid earlier has reappeared.

The final word :

That’s How to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer or Laptop Safely and Easily. by hiding files on the computer above and how to easily display hidden files on the laptop as above, it is certain that you all understand the tutorial. well that’s it How to hide and show hidden files on a computer or laptop. Hope it is useful.

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