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How to Hide Android Apps Without Root

How to Hide Android Apps Without Root – The world of technology is currently increasingly sophisticated and advancing very rapidly, especially on Android smartphones. by using an android smartphone we can use useful applications and privacy applications that only we know about.

If you have an application that you don’t want other people to know about, then you have to hide the application so that you don’t get caught having the application on everyone who borrows your smartphone.So how do you hide apps on Android? well.. on this occasion I will give you tips on how to hide applications on Android easily and without root.

before, why the heck should the application be hidden? if you hide applications on android then no one will know about it other than you, and to overcome you are addicted to these applications such as games, applications that waste your quota you should hide them because it is a shame to delete applications that have been downloaded.

Well, because of that, there are many advantages to hiding applications on Android smartphones, let’s talk about how to hide applications on Android as follows.

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How to Hide Apps on Android Easily

To hide applications on smartphones, there are several steps that we provide for you, namely as follows how to hide applications on Android.

#1. Using the App Hider App

The first step to hide the application is to use a third party application or you have to download the application. by Hiding android applications with applications is quite easy and fast. here’s how to use App Hider to hide apps on Android.

2. Open the application then press on the Apps menu then click the eye icon on the particular application that you want to hide.

3. In order for the application to be hidden successfully, you must make the App Hider a launcher by clicking the settings section and then selecting App Hider as the launcher.

4. Done

#2 How to Hide Android Apps Without Additional Apps

If you don’t want to download third-party applications to hide your applications, it’s a good idea to follow this one tip, which is to hide Android applications without additional applications, which are as follows.

1. Open MENU on your smartphone

2. Select the Three Dots in the upper right corner of the cellphone screen, then you select Settings

3. Then the Home Screen settings menu will appear, and you select “HIDE APP

4. You select the application you want to download Hide/Hide

5. Congratulations your application has been hidden.

INFO: To restore the hidden application was quite easy. that is, you only need to do the above method again and then remove the check mark on the application that was hidden earlier.

The final word :

that’s fine How to Hide Android Apps Without Root. By using the two methods above, it is certain that the problem of hiding applications on your Android has been resolved. for those of you who have problems with tutorial #2 because each cellphone has a different three-dot button. you don’t worry if your cellphone can’t use the second method, you can still try the first method. well that’s all how to hide apps on android using apps and how to hide android apps without apps. Hope it is useful.

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