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How to get lots of likes on Instagram quickly and for free

However, if you always upload photos or videos but have a few likes for your photos or videos, it will make us disappointed and annoyed ourselves. So, that’s why I have a solution for those of you who have problems with a few likes on their Instagram.

Here are the few likes factors for content uploaded to Instagram in our opinion, namely:

  • The photo or video content that you upload is less attractive/quality.
  • Few have Instagram Followers
  • Rarely share to other social media. (For example : Facebook)

If you already know the factors that caused you to get a few likes on ig, then from now on you have to fix the factors or errors above with the tips that will help you. NakBlogz share now. well, here’s how to get lots of likes on Instagram for free and fast as follows.

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How to get lots of likes on Instagram quickly

1. Share your photo posts on other social media

To get lots of likes on Instagram, then you need to share the photos you uploaded on Instagram to other social media. For example, you can share to Facebook, because the content you upload on Instagram can be directly shared with Facebook. because Facebook and Instagram are one company.

2. Upload High Quality Photos & Videos

If you want to get a lot of likes for each of your posts on Instagram, then you must first correct the posts that you upload to ig. try the post you upload is very interesting or you can upload a photo or video that is currently viral on Instagram. or you can also take photos with famous artists.

3. Like Other People’s Photos

If you want your photo to be liked, then you must also like other people’s photos on Instagram. You can like photos of friends or other people by spam like, that is, like all the posts that he uploaded to Instagram, then you like all the posts. then later that person will see there are people who spam likes and that person should spam like your photos back on Instagram.


How to Increase Likes on Instagram With Apps

If the above method may be quite difficult for you to carry out, then we have the last way, namely with a third-party application to get lots of likes on Instagram. Immediately, here’s how to get lots of likes on Instagram with additional applications.

1. The first step, please download the Instagram like application [DOWNLOAD]

2. The second step, you open the Like application and log in with your Instagram account username and password.

3. If you have successfully logged in, then you select the words “Follow/Like/Comment“Then a sub menu will appear you select”Like

4. The next step, you will be asked to copy all the tags provided by selecting “COPY AND START INSTAGRAM

5. Next you will be taken to Instagram, then you paste the tag by pressing and holding and then paste / paste. (The result is like the image below).

6. Done

Important information : Using the above application is very safe and will not harm your Instagram account. so you can like a lot in a safe and fast way.

Conclusion :

that’s fine How to get lots of likes on Instagram quickly and for free. To get lots of likes on Instagram, there are actually so many ways, but I think the method above is a way to get lots of Instagram likes quickly and for free. for the Like application above, I emphasize that the application is very safe and does not harm your account and is not like other auto like applications. well maybe that’s just how to increase likes on instagram for free and a quick way to get lots of likes on instagram, hopefully it’s useful.

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