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How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick – Instagram is a social media application that is currently popular. Instagram is an application for sharing photos, videos, insta stories and also IG TV.

Kbecause there are so many Instagram features and very good account security, making artists and famous people use the Instagram application more.

With the Follow and Unfollow features on Instagram that make more people use Instagram.

Because many Instagram followers will add to their existence or become a celebrity profession.

But did you know about the blue tick (verified) Instagram account feature?

And most ordinary people are still confused and ask What does the blue tick on Instagram mean?

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Next, I will explain first about what the blue tick or blue tick of Instagram is.

What do the blue ticks on Instagram mean?

It’s simple to explain, the Instagram blue tick or blue check is a sign that the account is genuine and has also been verified by Instagram.

Simply put, the Instagram account that gets the blue tick is an official Instagram account and has passed the verification stage by Instagram.

Usually people who get blue ticks are usually artists and also famous people and also people who have a lot of followers.

For those of you who don’t have a lot of Instagram followers but want to get a blue check on your Instagram account.

Here I will provide the conditions and how to get the Instagram blue checklist 2022.

How to get Instagram blue tick?

How to get a blue tick on IG for those of you who don’t have too many followers, maybe you get a blue tick if you meet the following requirements.

Conditions for getting an Instagram blue tick.

  • Instagram accounts of artists, public figures (famous people)
  • Instagram account with many followers
  • The official brand of a product
  • Government Instagram Account.

If you meet one of the requirements to get a blue tick above, you will certainly get a blue tick very easily.

However, if you don’t meet the requirements, you can try to apply for a blue tick on Instagram.

Here’s how to get the Instagram blue tick.

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick

1. Your first step is to update the Instagram application to the latest version, if you use a PC, you can directly open

2. If you have logged into your Instagram account, select “Three Point” top right corner. then select “Arrangement“.

3. Then in the settings, you select “Account“. and after entering the account menu, you select “Request Verification“.

4. Then fill in your name, your account category, and also a photo ID or ID.

5. Done.

By getting a blue tick, as for the benefits of the Instagram blue tick, one of which is that your account is considered official.

Notes: In the requesting verification section, it has been explained that applying for an Instagram account verification does not guarantee that you will also get verification or a blue tick.

The final word :

By submitting an application to get a blue checklist on Instagram, whether it is accepted or not by Instagram, the most important thing is that you have submitted it.

Meanwhile, to ensure that you quickly get a blue tick on Instagram, even though you are not an artist, a famous figure, you don’t have a lot of followers.

You can use the IG account verification service or known as the Instagram blue tick service.

That’s the meaning of the blue check on Instagram and how to get an Instagram account verified. Hope it is useful.

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