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How To Free Internet With Airplane Mode

How to free internet with airplane mode – Now surf can use airplane mode or flight mode for free internet. and without quota and credit for airplane mode internet. therefore on this occasion we will share a few free internet tricks with airplane mode. free internet with airplane mode you must need the http injector application, because without the application the flight mode internet plan will not be able to run. Previously we also discussed free internet tricks with http injectors. but this time we will share airplane mode internet tricks.

Surfing in airplane mode is a bit interesting, because when we are in airplane mode we can’t access the network, but we can get free internet which of course needs the help of an application called http injector to connect to the internet even in airplane mode. To access the internet for free with airplane mode, you must have a sim card that can already be connected to the http injector. you can try this free internet trick with airplane mode with various sim cards. well, let’s just talk about the 2022 airplane mode internet trick as follows.

Free Internet airplane mode

There is a lot of news about the issue of free internet being a hoax, but this time we will prove that free internet is still there. with the many rumors about free internet using airplane mode which are also widely discussed in free internet groups, we made the decision to share internet tips with airplane mode using only an android phone that has a sim card without credit and also without quota. ok, let’s just talk about the airplane mode internet. Here’s how to surf using airplane mode.

Things that need to be prepared before the internet with airplane mode

  • This trick works using the http injector application, so it’s a good idea to download and install the http injector application on your android.
  • In the http injector application, you must prepare the config according to the katu you are using. You can search for the config on social media, one of which is in the free internet group on Facebook. there you can get the config for free because there are so many kind people who share the config, and you just have to download the config that fits your card.
  • And make sure the card you are using is free of credit and quota. and at this time for free internet it’s better to use the latest Axis card, because there are so many Axis configs that you can get.
  • The state of android must not be rooted. because many people complain because the rooted android phone cannot run the http injector application.
  • Go straight to the scene How to get free airplane mode internet

Internet Steps Using Airplane Mode

1. Make sure you have installed the http injector application.

2. Turn on airplane mode on your android.

3. Then open the write call dial *#*#4636#*#*

4. After that you will be directed to phone information

5. And after “Radio Network” opens you select “Run Ping Test”

7. Then you check the GPRS status and make sure it is connected.

8. Next you open the http injector application then you click “Start” to connect to the internet. and wait for it to connect.

How easy is it not internet with airplane mode on an android phone without credit and quota, of course. and you have to make sure that the config in http injector can connect to the internet before with mobile data turned on. and if the config matches your card and is connected then you try the trick above correctly.

Conclusion :

Those are a few tips on How to get free internet with airplane mode. and keep in mind again the above tricks can run smoothly if you do these tips properly and correctly. if an error occurs when doing internet experiments with airplane mode above, you can ask or ask for a solution in the comments column. Well, that’s all about airplane mode internet without a quota, hopefully it will be useful.

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