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How to enter the Full Mobile Legends Advance Server

How to Enter Full Advance Server – In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang there are 2 servers in the game, the first is the Global server and also the advance server. these two servers have quite a lot of differences. when we download the Mobile Legends game for the first time, we use a global server, namely if you play in Classic, Brawl, Rank and other modes you will fight enemies randomly even all over the world.

Then what is advance server mobile legends? According to me Advance Server the MLBB game is a special server that can accommodate limited Mobile Legends players or in other words not all mobile legends players can enter the Advance server. So it’s not surprising that many mobile legends players can’t enter the mobile legend advance server because the advance server is full. Therefore, on this occasion I will share a few tips so that you can enter the mobile legends advance server even though the advance server is full. before going into the main discussion about the trick to overcome the full advance server, it’s good for us to know the difference between mobile legend advance server and Global Server (Original Server).

Advance Server (Server Advance) is a special server provided by Mobile Legends for mobile legends players so they can see the mobile legend server, namely the upcoming hero on the global server, the game updates are faster on the advance server. so you can try heroes that have not been released on the original server or other updates. if you already know about the Advance Server and want to enter the server there are several tutorials that you should pay attention to and pay attention to. the following is how to enter the full mobile legends advance server.

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How to Enter Full Advance Server

Before entering the advance server in the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things so that your mobile legends account is safe and not lost. remember, don’t rush to enter the advance server, but first check your account to keep it safe, here’s how:

  • You first associate your mobile legends account with your Google Play Games account or Facebook account that you have. namely by click Profile (Top Left Corner) Account Settings then Associate account with Google Play or Facebook.
  • Check the connection to keep it stable, by looking at the signal icon in the mobile legends game, if it’s green, it means your signal is stable and good, and if it’s red and the ping is above 200ms, maybe you wait for the signal to be good and then try to enter the advance server.
  • If the advance server is still full, you can wait until the mobile legends server is reset / reset between 10-12 pm and try to enter the advance server with a better signal (it is recommended to use WIFI).
If you have done the above things well, the next step is how to move the mobile legends server, namely to the advanced server. to move to an advanced server there are several ways in short, namely as follows.

How to Move Mobile Legends Server

1. You open the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang, then you click on “Profile Icon” (Top left corner) if you click the icon, there will be many menu options available.

2. Next you select “Account settings

3. After that you click “Advance Server

4. If you are lucky then after you click on advance server there will be a notification that the server has been replaced.

5. Done.

How easy is it not, to enter the advance server? if you manage to enter the advance server then in the advance server for the first time you will be asked to enter a nickname and play like the beginning of playing the mobile legends game.


And for those of you who want to return to the global server (original server) you just click Icon Profile Account Settings Back To Original Server.

Conclusion :

That’s How to enter the Full Mobile Legends Advance Server. And for those of you who have not managed to enter the Advance server because the advance server is full, there are two possibilities, firstly, your signal is not stable and secondly, many players are in advance server. the advance server is limited to accommodate mobile legends players, therefore to be able to enter the advance server you also have to be hockey. that’s how to overcome the full advance server and how to update the mobile legends server, hopefully the full advance server entry method above can be useful.

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