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How To Enable Youtube Night Mode / Dark Mode On Android

How To Enable Youtube Night Mode On Android – For those of you who often watch videos on Android, you must be familiar with the Youtube application. Youtube is a video sharing application that you can watch easily on various platforms.

Especially for those of you who often watch YouTube videos at night so that our eyes stay healthy, YouTube has developed a dark mode or night mode feature, which makes the display on the YouTube application black, which is also very good when activated at night.

By activating YouTube’s dark mode on Android, we are more comfortable seeing how our YouTube screen is not too bright.

Well, here’s how to change the appearance of youtube to black on the android version nakblogz.

Before that, we first make sure that in the YouTube application, whether dark mode has been released or not, the way to find out if YouTube has got dark mode is by ( Go to Youtube – Profile – Settings – General) if there is a dark mode it will be like the picture below.

If your youtube application still doesn’t have a dark mode feature, you don’t have to worry because there are still many ways to change the appearance of youtube to night mode or dakrk mode, namely by using additional applications such as how to activate dark mode youtube on android below.

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How to Enable Youtube Dark Mode

You do this by using an application called Prefences Manager which you can download on the play store, and keep in mind that this application can run if your Android is rooted.

So if your android is not rooted, it’s better to wait for the official update from youtube for the dark mode feature on android only.

2. After opening the application, allow root access to this application. then you search for “Youtube” in the search for the preferences manager application.

3. After you search for youtube, tap the text and in the “tab”youtube.xmlyou search for the word “dark”

4 Once you find the words “app_theme_dark” and “app_theme_dark_developer“you click and write”false” you change to ”true”.

5. Open the youtube application then it will appear dark or dark mode is active.

The method above is quite complicated because your Android phone must be rooted before you can do a way to change the appearance of YouTube’s dark mode on Android.

Conclusion :

That’s How To Enable Youtube Night Mode / Dark Mode On Android. for the above method if the method no. 3 there is no dark writing, you can add no. 4 in the + sign in the preferences manager application. well maybe that’s just how to change youtube display to black. Hope it is useful.

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