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How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android

How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android – Dark mode or night mode on Android is very popular with many people because using dark mode on Android in various applications is very useful at night because it reduces glare and makes the Android screen cool.

Previously, Instagram was able to activate dark mode first, but only on certain Android versions to be able to activate the dark mode dark theme. after many applications support dark mode, the phenomenal application of Whatsapp has also released a dark theme or dark mode recently. WhatsApp has also been able to use a dark theme for its appearance.

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But not many people know and activate dark mode on WhatsApp. Therefore, we will provide a tutorial for those of you who don’t know how to activate WhatsApp’s dark mode, here’s how.

How to Dark Mode Whatsapp Android

Previously, to activate dark mode on WhatsApp, there are things you need to pay attention to first, because not all types of cellphones/smartphones can activate dark mode on the WhatsApp application.

There are several things that are very important to note to activate WhatsApp dark mode, namely:

– Your smartphone must be at least Android 9 or 10

– Whatsapp version must be latest

If you have fulfilled the requirements as above to activate WhatsApp dark mode, then you just need to activate WhatsApp to become a dark theme. as for 2 ways to activate dark mode for whatsapp namely as follows.

1. Activating Whatsapp Dark Mode Via the Whatsapp Application

– First Update Whatsapp to the latest version

– Open the whatsapp application, select “three dots” in the upper right corner, then select the chat menu

– Then in the “Display” options select “Theme” then select “Dark”

– Done, your whatsapp can now have a dark theme or dark mode.

The method is quite simple, right? but if you want a practical way without having to manually activate it like the method above, you can simply use the second method. following simple way to activate dark theme on whatsapp.

2. Simple Ways to Activate Whatsapp Dark Mode

– You go to Settings – Display – Enable Dark Mode

You activate dark mode on android, all your android displays also use dark mode, including social media applications that support dark mode, instagram, whatsapp and others.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android. For those of you who haven’t been able to set dark mode on WhatsApp for Android, maybe your cellphone doesn’t support Android 9 or 10 and also your WhatsApp must be updated to the latest version. well that’s all the latest dark mode whatsapp android. Hope it is useful.