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How To Easily Make Android Apps Not Request Automatic Updates

How To Stop Automatic App Updates On Android – You can turn off automatic application updates on Android in several easy ways, which we will discuss in this article. Previously, automatic updates or (Auto Update) on Android applications did have advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore you must know the impact caused after stopping automatic updates on applications on Android. Actually, for those of you who are lazy to update Android applications or games, the auto update feature is designed for that, so you can save time because the applications/games you are running are automatically updated.

However, if you continue to activate the auto update feature of the Google Play Store application, it is possible that your internet quota will continue to be used to update applications on your Android. this will have a bad impact on you yourself, therefore this time I will share a tutorial for you, namely how to prevent android applications from asking for updates.

Before going to the material on how to stop google play automatic updates, it’s a good idea to know the advantages of auto updating applications and also the disadvantages of the auto-update application feature on the play store. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic update feature on Google Play.

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Advantages of Automatic Updates:
1. You will always get the latest version of the app
2. Don’t miss an update on the application

Disadvantages of Automatic Updates:
1. Waste of internet quota, because without our knowledge the application automatically updates
2. We don’t know if the application update feature is better or worse than the old version of the application.

If we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of auto-update android apps, you can enable or disable this auto-update feature. according to your taste or needs. but if you want to turn off automatic application updates on android, here’s the tutorial.

How to Turn Off Automatic Android App Updates

But with the points above, I myself prefer to disable the application’s automatic update feature, because you don’t waste your quota and you can only update certain applications that you want to update. Here’s how to stop Google Play’s automatic updates.

1. First of all, open the Google Play Store

2. Click the three dots

3. Select Settings

4. Then select “Update Applications Automatically

5. Finally, Select “Don’t Update Applications Automatically

The final word :

That’s How To Easily Make Android Apps Not Request Automatic Updates. how easy is it not to stop automatic app updates on android? maybe that’s the only way to stop google play automatic updates and how to turn off automatic application updates on android. Hope it is useful.

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