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How to Easily Create Android Applications For Beginners Through HP

How to Make Android Applications for Beginners Via HP – Have you ever thought about how to make various applications on your cellphone? Be it a game application or something else, if you have ever thought about it, you must think that making an application requires preparation or coding knowledge first.

But now in an increasingly sophisticated world, you can also make applications only through your cellphone directly without having to be able to code or on a laptop to make it. because today there are so many online sites that provide preparation for making an application. therefore if you want to make an application maybe this one article can help you to find the best solution to make android applications easily.

Before going into the subject, it’s a good idea to know that not only can you create web view applications with this online site, but you can also create radio applications, quizzes, and so on. but the discussion of making an android application today I will give an example for making an android web view application.

If you have a blog/website, creating a web view application will make your blog subscribers more comfortable reading your website and you will be more profitable yourself. for those of you who are curious about how to make a simple android application for beginners?, the answer is as follows. Here are the steps to make an Android application for beginners via cellphone easily.

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Stages of Making Android Applications Through HP

Several stages of making android applications via cellphones for beginners are to use online sites, where you can easily create various android applications without having to be able to code and make them via cellphone. Here are some complete steps to create an Android application with ease.

First, you open the Appsgeyser site or click the link above. To open the Appsgeyser site, you can open it via Chrome, UC browser, or other browsers. after opening the site you select “Create Now” to create various interesting android applications.

2. Create Application Concept

Here I will give an example of making a web view application, so that our blog or website can be opened through the application that we will create. on the application category menu, you select Create “Website” (You are also free to make other applications because there are also many other interesting application categories).

3. Enter Website Url

Enter the url of your blog / website as shown in the image above. and you can also choose a color theme in the application that will be created later. You can choose the color according to your wish. when finished choosing a color theme then you select “CARRY ON

4. Giving the Application a Name

You can name the application according to the name of your blog/website or it can be free to your liking. When finished Click “CARRY ON

5. Added App Description

You can enter a description of the android application that you want to create. for a description according to your wishes. (See Picture Above). when finished click “CARRY ON

6. Giving Application Icon

Icon or application symbol, you can create your own icon and then upload it on the web with the size 512×512 pixels. finished making your icon click “CARRY ON

7. Stage of Making Applications and Login

All the steps for making the application have been done, now the stage of making an android application so that it can be downloaded or even published directly on the play store.

Then when you click “FOR“Then you will be asked to login to the Appsgreyser website so you can download the login you can via fb, or google account.

After you have successfully logged in, you will be sent an email containing a link to the appsgreyser website dashboard.

8. Application Download Stage

After you click the link in the email sent by appsgreyser, then you can download the application you created earlier by clicking “DOWNLOAD“.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Easily Create Android Applications For Beginners Through HP. please note that making applications with the above method you can make various kinds of applications, not only web view applications but many other applications. well maybe that’s how to make an application on the play store and how to make an android application via a cellphone. Hope it is useful.

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