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How to Easily Connect Instagram Account to Facebook

Connect Facebook With Instagram – By linking or associating an Instagram account with Facebook provides many advantages.

One of them is that you can follow friends on Facebook on your Instagram account and another advantage is that by uploading photos, videos or Instagram stories, you can share/upload simultaneously to Facebook.

With these advantages, it will make it easier for us to upload something, just upload it on Instagram, then there will be an option to share it on Facebook.

Therefore, I recommend connecting your Facebook account with Instagram, because if you are already connected to each other, you can easily login to Instagram if you forget the Instagram account password.

Maybe just a brief explanation of the advantages of connecting an Instagram account to Facebook, just follow this How to Connect Instagram to Facebook.

1. The first step you can open the Instagram application or if you don’t have the application you can login at

2. Next go to the profile menu, select the three lines in the upper right corner and click “Arrangement“.

3. In the settings option, select “Account

4. Next you will be taken to account options, then select “Share to Other Apps“.

5. Then several social media will appear that you can connect to your Instagram account, (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba, you just select “Facebook“.

6. Then you will be directed to enter your facebook account (email/mobile number and password)

7. After entering the Facebook Email and Password, wait for it to finish and the Instagram account is connected to Facebook.

Impact of Connecting Instagram with Facebook

  • Accounts Are Hacked, By connecting a Facebook account with Instagram, it is possible for our Instagram account to be hacked/hacked. Because if someone gets your Facebook account, they will automatically get access to open the Instagram account.
  • Ineffective, If we post something on instagram and share it automatically to facebook, then it must need to be edited. One example is that we “Tag” an IG post, so on Facebook we won’t see the tag.

The final word :

From some of the impacts above, it can be concluded that be careful using social media so that there is nothing unwanted such as account hacking. Ok maybe that’s it How to Easily Connect Instagram Account to Facebook, Hope it is useful.

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