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How to Duplicate WhatsApp Without an App on Android

How to Duplicate WhatsApp App – WhatsApp as a popular application used to send messages, photos or videos.

Of course WhatsApp has a fairly high security, therefore one WhatsApp (WA) account must be used in only 1 application.

Therefore, WhatsApp is usually only used on 1 cellphone. This security system makes WhatsApp accounts more secure and difficult for others to tap.

However, if you want to have 2 WhatsApp accounts in one cellphone, you don’t need to be confused.

Because this time I will share how to duplicate the WhatsApp application on Android.

Immediately, here’s how to duplicate wa on hp oppo, samsung, xiaomi.

How to use 2 WhatsApp at once without an application

Doubling applications or cloning, you can use to duplicate WhatsApp applications, line or even other Android applications.

Especially doubling the whatsapp application, here’s how to create 2 whatsapp accounts on 1 android phone.

1. The first step is to open the smartphone settings, then swipe down and select “App Clone“.

2. After that you select the application “WhatsApp“, and activate the button”App Clone“.

3. Then the cloned whatsapp will appear on the main screen of your cellphone.

4. Done activating 2 whatsapp accounts on 1 cellphone.

That’s the easy way to duplicate / clone the WhatsApp application on all Android brands.

Especially if you are an Oppo, Xiaomi cellphone user who supports the clone app feature, it’s very easy to duplicate WhatsApp and create 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 cellphone.

Note : Usually the Clone App feature is directly available on Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung android phones. So you can use the method of duplicating the application on the Oppo above.

The final word :

That’s How to Duplicate WhatsApp Without an Application on Android.

By using 2 whatsapp at once without an application, as above, you will have 2 whatsapp accounts in 1 cellphone.

Which later you can use to chat with 2 whatsapp accounts on 1 cellphone.

That’s how to make 2 whatsapp accounts in 1 cellphone without an application. Hope it is useful.

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