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How to delete a page on Facebook via an Android phone

How to Delete a Facebook Page on Android – Facebook is one of the social media applications that is widely used by someone whether it is used for entertainment, looking for information or even doing business online.

If you have a business, to market products online you can create and use a fanpage or page on using a fan page to attract potential buyers.

You can promote your fanspage so that many people like and follow or you can even promote your fanspage by spending a small amount of money to reach everyone on Facebook so that your fanpage is famous.

If you have created a fanpage or facebook page and you are bored with the page and want to delete it? maybe this article can be a solution to delete the fanspage on facebook.

Alright, earlier this time I will share a tutorial on how to delete a page on Facebook via Android easily and quickly.

If you use an Android phone to delete the Facebook fanspage, it won’t take long. ok, here’s how to delete a facebook page on a cellphone.

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How to Delete a Page on Facebook Via Android

1. You open the Facebook application on your android.

2. Then open your page / fanspage

3. Then click the three dots in the upper right corner or next to the search engine. see the picture above for more details.

4. Next click “Edit Settings“Look at the picture above”

5. Then you will be taken to a menu that has several options, then you select or click “General

6. The next step click “Text”Delete Page” (For example: Delete Nakblogz)

7. Finally you confirm deleting your facebook page by clicking once again “Delete Page”

By following the tutorial above, you can temporarily delete a Facebook page via an Android phone. because by deleting the facebook page in the way above, you will be given 14 days to cancel the deletion of the fanspage.

If more than 14 days you do not cancel the fanpage deletion process, then your fanspage will be permanently deleted.

Conclusion :

That’s How to delete a page on Facebook via an Android phone. Thus it can be concluded that the page that you delete via your Android phone is temporary, i.e. if it is more than 14 days from the time when you delete the page, you can be sure that your page or fanspage is deleted forever. and if it has not been 14 days from the time of deletion of fp you can restore the page so that it is not permanently deleted. well maybe that’s all how to delete the fanspage on facebook using an android phone. Hope it is useful.