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How to Delete Applications on a PC / Laptop that can't be deleted

How to Delete Applications on a Laptop PC that are Hard to Delete – Software or applications on computers or laptops do have various sizes, for example applications / game software. Games on PCs today do have a large size and require powerful laptop or computer specifications to run these applications.

However, if your laptop or computer still has low specifications and is coupled with heavy applications, it will cause your laptop to slow down or even become stuck.

Therefore, I suggest that for those of you who have a laptop / computer with low specs, try to reduce applications and software on your device so that it doesn’t slow down.

If you delete an application on a PC or laptop, there are 2 ways that I will give. well, I’ll just share a tutorial on how to permanently delete an application on a laptop as follows.

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How to Permanently Delete Apps on a Laptop

1. Using Control Panel

By using the control panel or the laptop’s default application, which is useful for setting the display and also applications on your computer or laptop. Here’s how to remove applications using the Windows control panel.

  • Click Start / Windows, then select Control Panel
  • On Menu “PROGRAMS” you choose “Uninstall a program
  • Then look for the computer or laptop application / software that you want to uninstall. to delete the application you just need click 2x on the application to be uninstalled.
  • Finished.

2. Using 10 AppsManager

Using the 10 AppsManager application you will be able to delete some of the default applications on your laptop or computer. by using this application you will also be able to delete applications on your laptop to the root and permanently. here’s how to use or use the 10AppsManager help application.

  • Download the 10AppsManager Software on the software site on the computer.
  • If it has been downloaded, then next you open the 10AppsManager application.
  • Then look for the application you want to uninstall by clicking on the application and the application is successfully uninstalled.

If the 2 methods above still can’t remove the application or software on your PC, then we have a final solution for you on how to remove applications that are difficult to delete on a laptop or computer. The following is a tutorial on how to delete an application on a laptop until it is completely deleted.

How to Delete Apps on PC that Can’t Be Removed

1. Click button Windows + R simultaneously.

2. Then select the text “regedit” after that press “OK

3. Then you click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Current Version Uninstall.

4. Then find the application that you want to delete by clicking on the application and pressing the delete button.

5. Please restart your PC or laptop.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Delete Applications on a PC / Laptop that can’t be deleted. for how to delete applications on the last windows 7 laptop, maybe it can solve your problem if the first and second methods above don’t work well. well that’s all there are several ways to delete applications on a laptop until they are completely deleted and how to delete applications on a laptop to the root permanently. Hope it is useful.