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How to Delete Activity Notifications on Instagram

How to Delete Instagram Notifications – Who doesn’t know the current popular social media application, Instagram?. Of course, everyone uses free photo and video sharing applications that are widely used by famous people such as artists, state officials and other famous people.

Therefore, many people use Instagram, there are also many people who often upload photos, videos or live via Instagram. especially for someone you follow, if he uploads a photo or video there will be a notification on your cellphone.

Usually this notification will appear at the wrong time for example when you are busy calling, playing games and other cellphone activities when there is a notification, it will make you annoyed and angry. If you experience this, then it’s a good idea to turn off your Instagram notifications, so that there are no more annoying Instagram notifications at the wrong time.

Then how to delete / disable notifications on Instagram? on this occasion we have a solution for those of you who want to remove or disable notifications from Instagram. well, here’s how to delete activity notifications on Instagram.

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How to Delete Instagram Notifications

The thing you need to know if you delete notifications on Instagram on Android is that you will not get notifications from Instagram, whether it’s an important notification/notification or not. good if you have fixed it to disable Instagram notifications, here are the steps that you must follow properly and correctly.

1. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone, if you don’t have the application, you can open it via a browser and type

2. If so, you login with your Instagram account username and password.

3. If you have successfully logged in on Instagram, select it on the profile menu and then tap “Three point” which is in the right corner of your cellphone screen.

4. The next step you scroll down in the Settings menu, then you select “Automatic Notification

5. After you click, there will be various kinds of notifications that you can turn off. if you want to disable all activity on inatgram? you just check / tick the notification that you want to disable then you select or check the text “Dead” or “OFF” and you can scroll down again to turn off the notifications you want to turn off.

6. Done

INFO !!! : You can select the notifications you want to disable by selecting “OFF” or “OFF” or you can also select the notifications you want to disable on Instagram easily.

The final word :

That’s How to Delete Activity Notifications on Instagram. With the above method, you can disable Instagram notifications easily and quickly. And now you are no longer bothered by notifications that come out at the wrong time. well maybe that’s just how to delete notifications on instagram on android and also how to delete activity on instagram. Hope it is useful.

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