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How to Convert Word Files to PDF Without Software

How to Convert Word to PDF Without Software – Many tasks or documents are usually made into a PDF file, this is because by displaying a pdf file, the document will not be broken or damaged.

Usually, if you are asked to make pretentious assignments, college assignments, or office assignments, usually from word you will be asked to send in pdf form, this is because the pdf file is opened on a different pc/laptop/ or cellphone, the results will not change.

Unlike the word file that you send directly to someone else’s PC, it will change, because the version of the word is not the same, it will change the appearance and will make your task messy.

It is therefore advisable to convert the word file to a newly sent pdf whether it is an assignment or any document. but not a few people also don’t know about how to convert word files to pdf form?

If you are one of those who don’t know, you don’t have to worry because on this occasion nakblogz will share a tutorial on how to convert word 2007, 2010, 2022, 2022 to pdf without any application and without software. just follow how to convert word to pdf on a cellphone or pc.

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How to Convert Word to PDF Without Application

Converting a word file into a pdf form is actually not so difficult because to change it, if your version of the word application is up to date then you can easily save the word into pdf form, but if your word version is not the latest you don’t have to worry about the following 2 ways to convert word to pdf without an application.

1. Convert Word to PDF directly in the word program

– You create a document in word or the assignment first

– If the word task has been completed, then you “Save As

– Then on the type save option, press the button as shown in the image below.

– Then on “Save As Type” you choose “PDF

– Last step stay”Save

How to change a word file to pdf directly in the word program, you can do it if your word version is the latest, because not all versions of word can directly convert word to pdf.

If your version of word can’t save directly into a pdf, you can convert a word file to a pdf file online. Here’s how to convert word to pdf online.

2. Through Convert Word to Pdf online

– Your first step is to visit the website: SmallPdf

– Then on the initial menu of the website you select “Add File” (then select the file in word format that you want to convert into pdf).

– After the file has been imported, your word file will automatically turn into a pdf, then you just have to “Download” the pdf file.

By using the help of third parties online converting word files to pdf, will make it easier for you, because online like this you can convert word files to pdf via cellphone or smartphone it will be easier.

The final word :

That’s How to Convert Word Files to PDF Without Software. converting the file to pdf will make your word file able to be displayed on various devices. well that’s it, how to convert word to pdf on cellphones and laptops. Hope it is useful.

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