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How to Change the Zoom Background on Android Phones and Laptops

Changing the Virtual Background Zoom on a cellphone without an application – Since the government announced to work and study from home.

Zoom is the best choice of application for working or studying (Online).

Because the Zoom application makes it easy for us to communicate with up to more than 50 people in one room, therefore most of the teaching and learning processes between classes usually use Zoom as a medium of learning communication.

In addition to facilitating communication access, Zoom has an excellent feature, namely we can change the background of the zoom meeting according to the background/image you want.

Changing the background in the Zoom application can use photos that you have provided in the HP or Laptop gallery.

And also you can change it to a virtual background to make it more creative to see when the online process takes place.

Okay, just for those of you who want to change the Zoom Background on an Android phone and laptop, here’s the tutorial.

To change the virtual background on an Android or iPhone cellphone, the first step is that you must first update the Zoom application to the latest version.

How to open Google Play Store Look for the “Zoom” appUpdates. When the update is complete, here’s how to change the background zoom.

  1. Open and login to the Zoom application on your Iphone / Android phone.
  2. After that, open Zoom, you select New Meeting or Join to the meeting.
  3. While in a Zoom meeting, press ”More” which is at the bottom right.
  4. Next select menu ”Virtual Background”.
  5. Next Choose an image that is already available, or you can use your own Virtual Background by pressing the symbol Plus “+” and select an image from HP.
  6. Press ”Close” to return to the Zoom meeting.
  7. To remove the background, go back to the menu “Virtual Background” and press ”None”.

How to Change Virtual Background Zoom on Laptop

  1. First, open the app and login to your Zoom account.
  2. Click profile in the top right, then select ”Settings”.
  3. Next you select ”Backgrounds & filters”.
  4. Then select ”Virtual backgrounds
  5. Then click the check mark ”I have a green screen”.
  6. Next you can choose some of the backgrounds provided by Zoom.
  7. Finally, click the plus(+) then select ”Add Image” if you want to add your own background.

How to Overcome Reverse Zoom Background?

  • First, open the Zoom app and join a new meeting.
  • Then select the up arrow next to the video symbol.
  • Then click video settings.
  • Next, click the “Mirror My Video“.

That’s How to Change the Zoom Background on Android Phones and Laptops, and if you experience background zoom can’t be changed, first check your android version. To be able to replace the Virtual Background feature, an android version 9 and above is needed. That’s how to change the virtual background zoom, hopefully it’s useful.

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