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How to Change Telkomsel's Learning Quota to Main Quota

How to Change Study Quota to Regular – This time, Telkomsel distributes Learning Quota for Simpati, Loop, AS card users.

To ease education in Indonesia due to the pandemic which requires all students to study online at home.

So that makes Telkomsel provide relief in the form of a Learning Quota Promo.

Telkomsel 10GB Learning Quota For What?

By using the Learning Quota we can all access several educational applications such as.

  • Study House
  • Zenius
  • Quipper
  • Udemy
  • Duolingo
  • Competent
  • language
  • Cambridge
  • ComeLearn
  • Zoom
  • CloudX
  • Umeetme
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Webex
  • Google Meet
  • Google Classroom

10GB quota with a price of Rp. You can use 10 to access applications or online learning sites as above.

However, many ask whether it is possible to change the Learning Quota package into the main Flash (Regular) quota?

The answer is that you can change your study quota into a flash package.

Before sharing a tutorial on how to change the Learning Quota package into the main quota so that it can be used freely to access the internet.

The initial stage is how to purchase a study quota package on a Telkomsel card as follows.

How to Buy Telkomsel Learning Quota

1. Your first step is to download the application My Telkomsel.

2. Login by entering your Telkomsel number.

3. Make sure you have enough credit, then select “Buy Package“.

4. then select the package “Education“.

5. Select Study Quota Rp. 10 with 10GB quota.

6. Purchase the package and wait for it to work.

7. Done.

If you have successfully purchased a study quota package, then you must use a third-party application so that the study quota can be used for internet access.

Here’s how to change the study quota to a regular quota

Changing Telkomsel Study Quota to Main Quota

1. First Download the following Config File [DOWNLOAD]

2. The second step you download the application HTTP Injector (Download on Play Store).

3. Open the HTTP Injector application, then select “ICon Document” and select “Import Config“.

4. Find the file that you downloaded earlier.

5. Next, just select “Start“.

6. Enjoy free quota.

Notes: For the method above, I recommend using Telkomsel card without Flash quota. Honly the card must be filled with Rp. 10 only to activate the Learning Quota package.

The final word :

That’s How to Change Telkomsel’s Learning Quota to Main Quota.

Please note use the free internet above wisely.

Ok, the question has been answered: “Telkomsel 10GB learning quota for anything”. A few tricks to change the study quota to a regular one, hopefully it will be useful.

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