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How to Change RuangGuru Quota to Flash Telkomsel With Psiphon Pro

How to Change Ruangguru Quota to Flash – Recently, the government and SIM card providers have provided 30GB of internet access to access the internet which is used for studying at home.

A card that gets a free quota of 30GB to access the RuangGuru application, Learning House, Quipper, Your School. among others are Telkomsel and Indosat, but what we will discuss for free internet at this time is Telkomsel Card.

Because we use a Telkomsel card to get the 30GB RuangGuru package for free, we must first get the 30GB package which we will later turn into a flash package for regular internet, even if we only use the RuangGuru package.

Well, here’s how to change the RuangGuru quota into a Telkomsel Regular Package.

How to Change Ruangguru Quota to Flash

Before changing the RuangGuru package into a Telkomsel flash package, you must first activate the RuangGuru package via the My Telkomsel application, here’s how to activate the RuangGuru 30GB package.

Activate the Ruangguru 30GB Package

  • Download and Open the app My Telkomsel
  • Click menu “the latest from Telkomsel“, select menu ” keep studying at home
  • Wait for the package to be active via SMS

If the Telkomsel 30GB RuangGuru package is already active, then you will be able to change the RuangGuru package into a Telkomsel regular flash package by using a third-party application, namely Psiphon Pro. Here’s How to Change Ruangguru Package Into Flash Quota with Psiphon Pro.

Steps to Change RuangGuru Quota to Telkomsel Flash Quota

1. First you download the Psiphon Pro application

2. Open the Pshiphon Pro Application then on the “menu”OPTION“you click”Advanced Options

3. Then you check the “Proxy Settings” and select on text “Custom HTTP Headers

4. Then Tick “Add custom HTTP header

5. then in Header 1 you enter “X-Online-Host

6. And in Header 2 you enter “Keep Alive” and in the header value 2 you enter “

7. Then return to the Psiphone start menu and click “Start

8. Congratulations on being able to use the Ruangguru internet package to become a regular package.

Note : For you to be able to change your Ruangguru quota into a Telkomsel flash quota, you must pay close attention to the instructions for using Psiphon Pro. if it still doesn’t work, you turn on airplane mode then turn it off and try connecting the Psiphon Pro application. and whether you want to work or not, it depends on your location.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Change RuangGuru Quota to Flash Telkomsel With Psiphon Pro. as we said above, you must first have or buy the Ruangguru Package first because it is free and then the package will be converted into a regular flash internet package for you to use the internet to open all kinds of applications, because otherwise you will switch to Pshiphon pro then the 30GB package can only be used to access the RuangGuru application. that’s how to change the Ruangguru quota to flash Telkomsel. Hope it is useful.

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