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How to Change the Notification LED Color on an Android Phone

How to Change Android Notification LED Color – Android smartphones are very popular and widely used by everyone. Because by using an Android smartphone, it is easier for users to customize an Android-based smartphone. With this customization, users can change ringtones, notifications, or even change the color of the notification LED that lights up when there is a notification. to find out the LED light is located in the upper left or right corner which is like a small lamp.

Regarding notification (NotificationsWe make it easier if there is a notification on Android even though the Android is in a silent or silent state. the usefulness of this led notification is that notifications that enter Android do not interfere with sound or vibration that will make you feel disturbed when you are in a public place. therefore notifications with this notification LED will be more practical if it is lit, it means that something is coming in such as SMS, Line, BBM or others.

However, there is a lack of notification LED lights on your cellphone, for example a red led light when there is a notification, we cannot conclude that there is an incoming notification. Therefore, to change or change the notification LED color on your smartphone, this time I will share a few tips on how to change the color of the cellphone notification light. for the advantage of changing the color of the notification led, which is to make it easier for us to find out incoming notifications such as SMS, Line, BBM or others.

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How to Change Android LED Color

Changing the color of the Android notification LED light is very easy because the SMS, BBM, Facebook or other social media applications have been automatically set by the application developer. but there are also applications that do not provide a certain color on the notification led, so a third application is needed to change the color of the led. an application called Light Manager is believed to be able to distinguish the color of the LED at the time of notification on Android. Therefore, here’s how to use the light manager to change the notification led color.

1. First you download the application called Light Manager [ DOWNLOAD ]

2. Then open the Light Manager application

3. After that there will be a notification stating that the Light Manager application must be activated. then you press “OK

4. Then you will be redirected to notification access on your phone. then you slide or allow Light Manager to provide notifications.

5. If you have allowed it, the next step you can change the color of the SMS notification led, MMS, GMAIL, CALENDAR and others.

6. Done.

Please change the notification led color from the application on your android, so you can be sure that if the led lights up with a certain color, it is certain that there are notifications from certain applications that you have or the color of the leds.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Change the Notification LED Color on an Android Phone. by using the Light Manager application, it will be easier for you to change the notification led color with a certain color so that it can distinguish notifications from certain applications. Not only application notifications can be changed to LED color, with the Light Manager application you can also change the notification LED color if the battery is low or fully charged. well that’s just how to use light manager on android samsung j5 or xiaomi and even other android brands. Hope it is useful.

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