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How To Change 3G/H+ Signal To 4G LTE On All Android Phones

How To Change 3G Signal To 4G On Android – Internet network for mobile phones today has indeed become one of the basic needs. because almost all fields of work require technology and to access the internet must require a stable signal. Currently in Indonesia, there are also many card operators competing to issue cards that have a strong signal.

Call it now there are several signals on android phones, namely 2G(Edge), 3G(H+) and 4G(LTE). Of the three signals, only the 4G signal has the fastest internet access. for those of you who want to access a 4G signal on an Android phone, you don’t have to be confused about finding a solution to change the 3g network to 4g on android.

Because on this occasion I will share a tutorial on how to upgrade a 3g signal to 4g easily and quickly. but in changing the network signal from 3G to 4G LTE, you must pay attention to the following things:

  • There is a strong internet signal in your area
  • Your SimCard must also have 4G
  • Your smartphone must already support 4G signal

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If you have paid attention to the above, and you already have everything on your Android phone, then we will immediately discuss how to change a 3g network to 4g on Android. here’s how to change the 3g signal icon to 4g on an android phone easily and quickly.

How To Change 3G Network To 4G On Android

#1. First step :

1. You go to call then type *#*#4636*#*#

2. Next you will be taken to the settings menu, then you select “Phone Information

3. Then you select “Network Type

4. The next step you choose “LTE Only

5. Click Back and automatically your signal has become 4G

#2. Second way:

If the first method you are confused about following the tutorial, maybe How to change the signal from 3G to 4G in this second way you can follow and practice. here’s how to change the edge network to 3g or 4g.

1. Open Settings on your cellphone

2. Then you choose ConnectionMobile Network → Then you choose “Network Mode” → Select 4G/LTE (notes: Each brand of HP has different network settings).

3. Done.

#3. Third way:

If the first and second methods don’t work to change the 3G network to 4G, then you can try the following 3g to 4g signal conversion method, namely by using a third-party application. and this application is also an alternative for android samsung which cannot dial *#*#4636*#*# so you have to use this application.

1. First download the 4G Lite Switcher application [DOWNLOAD]
2. The next step you open the application it will appear as shown below.

3. On the menu “Set Preferred Network Type“you search and choose”LTE only

4. Wait for the network to change to 4G

5. Done and successful.

INFO: The third way you can use to change the 3g network to 4g on a Samsung cellphone. because on Samsung phones you can’t use the first method as above, then you have to use the third method, namely using the 4G Switcher application.

The final word :

That’s How To Change 3G/H+ Signal To 4G LTE On All Android Phones. as I said above, for Samsung brand cellphones you may have to follow the third step to change the network to 4G. and for those of you who still can’t change the network to 4G, maybe your internet card isn’t 4G yet or where you live there is no signal, for example in the countryside. To overcome this, you can look for an internet card that is already 4G and has a good signal in the area where you live. well maybe that’s all how to change 3g network to 4g on android. Hope it is useful.

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