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How to Block Someone Else's Instagram Permanently Easily

How to Permanently Block Someone Else’s Instagram Account – Who doesn’t know the most popular social media application today, namely Instagram. Of course, everyone has an Instagram account on each of their smartphones. because with this social media application we make it easier to share photos or videos.

But if when you upload a photo or video on Instagram there are haters, or people you don’t like often comment or respond to the content of the photo or video that you upload, you should “Block” that person’s Instagram account. Blocking other people’s Instagram accounts without that person knowing, you can do to haters or people you don’t like on Instagram.

By blocking other people’s Instagram accounts, those people will not be able to see your profile and if that person has commented on your Instagram posts, it will be lost. The advantages of blocking other people’s Instagram without being known are indeed very many advantages, one of which is that you will no longer be bothered with that person, be it via comment spam or Instagram DMs.

Before you block someone else’s Instagram, it’s a good idea to think about whether you are sure you’re blocking it or not. If you have made up your mind to block that person’s Instagram, then see how to block someone else’s Instagram without being noticed below.

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How to Permanently Block Someone Else’s Instagram Account

The impact of permanently blocking other people’s Instagram accounts are many of them, the person you block cannot find your ig account, the person’s comments will disappear in your posts, you will automatically unfollow that person’s account. If the impact doesn’t affect you, and you still want to block it, here’s how to block someone’s Instagram from being opened again.

1. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone and log in with your account

2. You search for the person you want to block in the search bar

3. If the person’s account has been found, you select the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Block” (AS PICTURE BELOW)

4. Finished

Important!! : If you have blocked the account, you can also unblock it by searching for that person’s account, there will be an “Unblock” text, you just have to select unblock it.

The final word :

That’s How to Block Someone Else’s Instagram Permanently Easily. By blocking someone’s Instagram using the tips above, the person you block will not know that you blocked their account. well that’s all I can share now about how to block other people’s instagram without being noticed and how to permanently delete other people’s ig accounts. Hope it is useful