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How to Activate Mobile Legend High Frame Rate Mode Without Root

How to Bring Up High Frame Rate Mobile Legend Without Root – High Frame Rate mode in mobile legends games can usually be activated on smartphones that have high enough specifications, but this time we have a way for those of you who have cellphones that don’t support High Frame Rate mode, of course without root.

Previously you had to know what the function of the High Frame Rate mode in the mobile legends game is? By activating the High Frame Rate mobile legends hero character looks more detailed and clear.

Therefore, there are many advantages of High Frame Rate which can usually only be activated on upper middle class cellphones, while for Potato (Low end) cellphones you don’t have to worry because we have a solution for you how to activate high frame rate mobile legend no root.

How to Activate Mobile Legend High Frame Rate Mode

To enable High Frame Rate mode, you need a config. The config is in the form of a file that functions to bring up the high frame rate mode later. you can download the config at the link we have provided below.

1. Your first step is to download the following config [DOWNLOAD]

2. If the config has been downloaded, you open the application manager in settings, then look for the Mobile Legends application after that you activate Permissions as shown below.

3. The third step is to open the File Manager, if you don’t have it, first download the File Manager in the Play store. Then you open the File Manager application, look for the CONFIG that was downloaded earlier and then you move the config to:


If there is no folder like the one above, you can create the folder in sequence like the folder above.

4. The last stage you can open the Mobile Legends application, you check in the settings whether there is a High Frame Rate Mode.

Notes : With the above method, you no longer need to root the smartphone to enable High frame rate but only need to put the Config in the file.

The final word :

That’s How to Activate Mobile Legend High Frame Rate Mode Without Root. You can try the config above for use on several smartphone devices. well maybe that’s the only way to activate mobile legend’s high frame rate without root, hopefully it’s useful.

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