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Free Internet Tricks Using KPN Tunnel Ultimate

How to Free Internet Using KPN Tunnel Ultimate Here, we will share free Internet methods for all axis operators, Indosat, XL, Telkomsel, etc., using a free Internet application, namely KPN Tunnel Ultimate. Previously we have discussed how to surf for free with HTTP Injector. but for this opportunity we share a free internet tutorial kpn tunnel ultimate which is a little bit the same as using the http injector application. Previously, we will discuss the KPN Tunnel Ultimate application first.

What is KPN Tunnel Ultimate?

Some people who like free internet are certainly no stranger to this one application. The ultimate KPN Tunnel application is an application that connects your Android IP server to the SSH server network that you are using. This relatively new application and also the latest application from the KPN Tunnel version itself. This application developed by Choliezt Choliz is a good application to use for free internet. although this application is relatively new, the KPN Tunnel application is able to compete with other popular free internet applications, namely http injector, e-proxy, openvpn, custom apk and many more applications that can be used for free internet by all network operators.

Free Internet KPN Tunnel

You can make the ultimate KPN Tunnel an alternative for free internet if you can’t use http injector, openvpn and others on your android. interestingly, the KPN Tunnel application does not require users to ROOT android, so you can relax and easily use this free internet application. It’s the same with the http injector application which must use Payload or Config to run the application. Kpn tunnel ultimate must also use config or payload to run this application.

How do I get the KPN Tunnel Config?

As we discussed earlier, how to get the KPN tunnel config can be from social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Google groups. or if you have made a payload on the http injector, you can copy the payload and paste it in the KPN Tunnel application.

Steps to Use KPN Tunnel Ultimate

At this time we are using Axis Hitz card for free internet with this application. but if you use other cards from axis hitz you just try it yourself. but if you use an Axis hitz card, the pulse and quota must be 0. because if your card contains credit or quota, it is certain that your credit and quota will be sucked up by this application, so you have to have 0 credit and 0 quota to run smoothly. here’s how to use KPN Tunnel ultimate:

1. If you don’t have this application, please download the KPN Tunnel Ultimate application first on the Google Play Store.

2. After that you have to download the ultimate KPN Tunnel Config first

3. After downloading, all you have to do is open the KPN Tunnel application and click the + icon in the upper right corner of the KPN Tunnel application. (more details see image below)

4. After that Click Import

5. Then look for the config that you downloaded earlier, usually in device storage/download. then click the config.

6. After the config you downloaded has been imported, then you click “Settings” in the KPN Tunnel Ultimate application.

7. Continue to check “SSH Tunnel”

8. After it is checked, you go to the “start” menu when tunnel ultimate again, then you just click Start. and to find out if you are connected to the internet or not, you click the “Log” in the application, if the log display looks like the picture above, it means congratulations, you can get free internet with the KPN Tunnel Ultimate application.

Conclusion :

How easy is it not for free internet by using the KPN Tunnel Ultimate application. we recommend free internet with the above trick using an Axis Hitz card to make it faster. Thus Free Internet Tricks Using KPN Tunnel Ultimate Hope it is useful.

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