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Easy Ways to Get Free Electricity Tokens from PLN 2022

How to Get Free Electricity Tokens from PLN 2022 – At the end of March 2022, the government of the Republic of Indonesia announced about “Electricity tariff reductions to all PLN customers for three months. The policy is to provide free electricity tokens from pln, which is useful for overcoming the impact of the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic which is currently rife.

The reduction in electricity rates provided by the government is 3 months from April, May, June 2022. The government’s decision to provide free electricity tariff facilities for three months to 24 million PLN customers who use 450 VA power, while 7 million subsidized 900 VA electricity customers are given discount relief. electricity tariff of 50% (percent). therefore we should all take this opportunity to reduce our electricity costs.

Especially after the virus that hit Indonesia, many people stay at home, so electricity expenditure must also be quite a lot, therefore, we all have to take advantage of the goodness of government policies, namely for free 450 VA electricity customers for 3 months without paying electricity and also for you if you use 900 electricity VA also gets a 50% discount which is very influential in the future.

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Well, that’s a brief explanation of the government’s policy of providing free electricity from PLN in 2022. However, many people are confused and ask questions about how to get PLN’s free electricity tokens? and how to activate it? Do I have to go to the nearest PLN office to get the free token?

Because so many questions often arise, we have prepared how to get a free pln electricity token in 2022 via the website or via wa. OK, here’s how to get free electricity.

How to Get Free PLN Electric Token

For those of you who want to get a free PLN electricity token, there are two ways to activate and get the token. The first is through the official PLN website and the second via Whatsapp PLN. Here we discuss the steps to get a free electricity token from PLN.

1. Via the website

– Your first step is to open the website

– Then on the “Information” menu you select “Free/Discounted PSBB Stimulus

– Then a menu will appear, where you are asked to enter “NO meter” then you enter your electricity meter number. and click the search icon.

– Next will appear all the info about the customer profile with no. these meters. and a number of free and discounted tokens will appear.

– The last step you just enter the no. The tokens to each meter.

2. Via WA (08122-123-123)

– First you save the PLN whatsapp number

– Then chat by entering your meter number

– Wait for reply and get tokens.

INFO! : For how to get a free PLN electricity token via WhatsApp, it’s quite easy, however, the reply from the PLN cannot be instant like you can get a token on the website. Therefore, we suggest getting free/discounted tokens via the website. Besides being easy, tokens come out right away and you can directly insert tokens into each meter instantly.

Conclusion :

That’s it Easy Ways to Get Free Electricity Tokens from PLN 2022. For those of you who want a way to get a free electricity token in 2022, we suggest going through the website because it is very easy and instant. maybe that’s all a short tutorial about free electricity tokens from www pln co id. Hope it is useful.

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