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Easy Ways to Extract Rar or Zip Files on Android

Files in the form of rar or zip are usually used to make the size of games, and other applications so small when downloaded. Therefore, I will share easy tips for extracting files in the form of rar or zip on an android phone.

Previously the rar file itself could be extracted with the default mobile application but it took a lot of time to extract the file, but this time I will share tips on extracting files on android easily. Okay, I’ll just give the tips below:

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1. Using the ES File Manager app

For those who don’t have this application, please download and install it first. Using ES File manager to extract files whether they be games or other files is very easy and fast. Okay, let’s just practice how to extract files using ES File Manager.


as usual open the application. After opening, if you have a rar file that you want to extract, click decompress as shown above which is marked with an arrow.

Next, please select the file you want to extract by clicking open. ( view image)

After clicking open, select the extracted file, there are 3 places to extract, I chose to choose a path, and if you choose to choose a path, you can place the extracted file where you want it. Then press ok and wait a while and your rar or zip file is finished extracting.

How easy it is to use the ES file manager application to extract rar or zip files. For those who don’t understand, take a good look at the tutorial and the pictures.

2. Using the Rar application

You can download this application on the play store. How to use the RAR application is quite easy, by following the tutorial below, take a good look at it:


Open the winrar application then look for the rar or zip file then click the check mark.

After following the tutorial above, click OK (see picture)

It’s quite easy to use this winrar application to extract files in the form of rar or zip. to get here just the explanation using this winrar application.

notes: see pictures and descriptions so that there are no errors when extracting.

3. Using the zArchiver App

Extracting files in the form of rara or zip you can use this one application, namely zArchiver. for those of you who don’t have this application, please download it first in the play store. if you already have, please follow the steps to extract the file below:


First, as usual, open the zArchiver application and look for files in the form of rar or zip

After meeting with the rar file, please click and select extract here to extract it directly.

wait for a while after the installation is complete the display will change to as above .. and congratulations your rar file has been opened.

How to easily extract files in the form of ran or zip only with an application that is relatively easy to use. that’s all from me, hopefully you can extract the rar file easily.

If you have problems extracting RAR with the above application, you can ask in the comments below.

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