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Easy Ways to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android

How to Make Facebook Dark Mode on Android – Facebook, who doesn’t know the most popular application from the past until now because many people choose to use the Facebook social media application, whether for business, or just sharing status posts, photos or videos.

With its very rapid popularity, Facebook developers made a new breakthrough, namely making Facebook’s appearance on Android in Dark Mode. By using Dark Mode on Facebook, it makes the cellphone battery last longer and our eyes don’t get tired easily when opening Facebook at night because the Facebook display is specially designed for the night.

Okay, just go ahead if you don’t know how to activate dark mode on Facebook? maybe the article below can help you on how to activate dark mode on facebook.

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Practical Ways to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook

For those of you who are confused and often wonder, How do I activate dark mode on Facebook? while on Instagram, Dark mode is activated automatically, no need to manually activate it like Facebook.

Here’s how you can use dark mode on Facebook easily and quickly without using additional dark mode applications because with enough Facebook and Android applications, you can already use and activate dark mode on Android.

This is how to dark mode facebook quickly version Nakblogz.

Steps to activate Dark Mode on Facebook

1. Activate via Android Direct

– First you need to check your android operating system by going to settings – About Phone – Android Version. (minimum android version 9, 10).

– You open immediately Settings – Display – Dark Mode.

– Finished.

2. Activate Dark Mode via Facebook

– First you have to update to the latest version of Facebook. (Go to Playstore – Search Facebook – Update)

– After Facebook has been updated, you continue to open the Facebook application (Go to Facebook Settings – Dark Mode )

– Finished.

You can easily activate Facebook’s dark mode on Android. but you need to know for the above method so that it can run as expected. It would be nice if you had to prepare the following.

Your android phone has android version 9 and above and also the latest version of the Facebook application. if you meet the requirements for activating dark mode, it is guaranteed that your facebook can be used in dark mode (Dark Mode).

Conclusion :

That’s Easy Ways to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android. For those of you who are confused about how to activate dark mode on Facebook, maybe this article can help you. Hope it is useful.

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