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Easy Ways to Earn Money From the Internet

Easy Ways to Get Money From the Internet – Nak Blogz

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How to get money without any capital – Hello friends, welcome back to my simple blog, NakBlogz. On this occasion, as the admin of NakBlogz, I want to share tips on getting money from the internet. For those of you who like to surf the internet and don’t have a job other than playing the internet, you can follow the tips that I share so you can make money from the internet.

Even though the Internet is a virtual world, you can also earn real money from the internet, because almost everyone in this world uses the internet, whether it’s to share info or read articles. Actually getting money from the internet is difficult – difficult easy. So it’s impossible for you to get money directly from the internet, it all takes time and process.

Well, no need to linger, just go straight to the article that will be discussed, namely: easy ways to get money from the internet, read below:

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1. Blogging

The first is by blogging. With blogging we are most likely to get money from the internet. Previously, in building a blog, patience and hard work were needed because if our blog has no visitors, it is the same as no money.

So my advice is to update the article on the blog at least once a day. to keep visitors there. How to get money from a blog can be by placing ads on your blog. You can register your blog with Google Adsense, because Google Adsense is the largest advertising service with a CPC system.

How to be accepted by Google Adsense is very difficult for me to experience this myself, I have been rejected more than 10 times. His refusal varied from inadequate articles and so on. but for those of you who want to place ads on your blog but are not accepted by google adsense, you can get ads in advertising companies, including:

  • Ad Now
  • Adsense Camp
  • Chitika
  • Click Me

But there are also ways to make money from blogging, namely by:
1. Join the Affiliate Program
2. Become a template designer
3. Sell your own services and products on the blog
4. If you are frustrated with blogging, you can sell blogs.

How to create a blog is easy, but building a blog to be successful requires hard work and maximum effort. the slogan is “Time Is Blogging” So if you blog, don’t be afraid”

make the blog a hobby over time as time goes by, our blog will be a success.

2. Youtube

Yup, the way to get money from the internet is to become a video publisher on YouTube. Just like blogs. Youtube also has a . Just like blogs, how to upload videos to YouTube is very easy, but becoming famous is very difficult. But if you already get a stable audience on your YouTube channel.

Chances are my friend was accepted on google adsense. Google adsense is an ad provider for blogs or youtube by paying for ads on your youtube channel at a high price because usually ads on youtube videos are videos that have a duration. so this ad is what pays pal. But if your channel is already famous and has millions of viewers. friends, it will be easy to earn money from YouTube, like a famous Indonesian YouTuber who gets a fixed salary from YouTube.

But if you want to earn money from YouTube, you have to try hard and fight and pray. Over time, you will definitely make money, soo,,, so don’t despair, friend!

3. Using the whaff application
Whaf Reward is an application that pays us with dollars. how to get money from this application is also very easy, you have to download the application recommended by whaff and get money from your download.

For Android users, this application is very popular because of its practicality by downloading the application to earn money. If you want to get money from whaff rewards, you have to be patient and try to run it.

In order to make money coffers. If you are interested, directly install this money-making application on your Android phone.

4. With ScarletCliks

How to get money from the internet, this one is also liked by many people, namely by following the program at ScarletCliks. ScarletCliks itself is the oldest Ptc that has existed since 2009.

Although this Ptc is not the most popular, Ptc Clixsense, but this Ptc ScarletCliks is a Ptc that is trusted and proven to pay on time. ScarletCliks payment by way of payment via paypal and plaza. If you are interested, please follow this one money-making program.

5. Clixsense
One way to get money from inter is to join the Clixsense program. Clixsense itself is an advertising program if you click on it we will get money. This system is called the Ptc system (Paid To Clicks). By joining this program you can make money from the internet.

We can get 20-30 ads per day if we spend it we get money for $ 3 so if $ 3 X 30 then the monthly results are $ 90. How are you interested in joining this program, if interested, please register via the official website here

6. Uc News writer

It’s the same as blogging by writing articles on UC News, you will be paid according to your article visitors, if you have a lot of visitors to your article, you will most likely get a lot of money.

because if visitors to your article are stable and many Uc News parties will place ads in your article and this ad will pay more, my friend. how do you get interested in becoming a UC news writer?

In writing your article, you will be asked what category your article is in? There are many categories that you can choose from. UC News payments are also trusted and official. if you want to register visit the official website of Uc News.

7. Writer Babe
Just like writing on Uc News, writing articles on Babe is highly recommended if you want to make money from the internet. Babe will pay per article, it can be valued at Rp. 50,000/Article, how is it okay?

However, in writing on Babe, your news source must be original and from a trusted source because Babe is a trusted news reading site. so you can’t just make an article on babe, bro. If you are interested in becoming a writer at babe, you can register directly on the official babe website.

Well, that was the info about how to easily get money from the internet, indeed the above method is easy but to run it to make money is very difficult. But if it is accompanied by effort and hard work, you can earn money from the internet.

So my recommendation that is suitable for making money is blogging because in blogging we are free to write articles according to our wishes and also we immediately get money if we are serious about blogging. That’s just a glimpse of the info, thank you so much.

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