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Collection of the Best Android Simulator Games

Best Android Simulator Games – Game is a hobby that can be done to fill spare time and for entertainment only by playing certain games. In games on Android, there are many genres or categories of games that you can play.

However, everyone has a different genre of game that he likes, for example, as we are discussing today, namely simulator or simulation games. Simulator games are relaxing games that can be played in a relaxed manner unlike the action game genre which must require high concentration to play action games.

For those of you who want to play games casually, you can choose the games that I will review for you to fill your spare time. The following are the best simulator games on Android.

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List of Best Android Simulator Games

As I discussed above, simulator games or simulations are intended for people who play casually and also the games are not too difficult. well, let’s just discuss one – one of the following best simulation games offline and online android.

1. BUS Simulator Indonesia

The first best simulator game is Bus Simulator Indonesia with the theme of Indonesian nuances such as typical Indonesian buses, Indonesian streets and many more Indonesian panoramas. for those of you who like the best Indonesian bus simulator games, I highly recommend the Indonesian Bus Simulator game for you to play.

2. Truck Simulator

Unlike other simulator games, truck simulators emphasize that you are driving a truck as the driver. in this simulator game you will be made as a driver to deliver goods and also you can modify the truck.

3. Flight Simulator 3D Free

Just like other simulator games, Flight Simulator 3D Free you can play for free with a variety of airplanes. With the size of the game that is not large and the graphics are quite good, it is very suitable for you to play when relaxing.

4. Simcity Buildlt

This game is somewhat different from other simulator games, namely in the Simcity Buildt game you will be taken to build a city complete with houses, salons, entertainment venues and others. This simulator game is the best in 2022 because many are playing this game at the same time it is fun.

5. IDBS Pickup Simulator

The last best simulator game is Pick Up simulator, where you will use a pick up to drive. this game is the same as other car simulator games but this game uses a map of the island of Java which will add to the feel of Indonesia.

The final word :

That’s Collection of the Best Android Simulator Games. well maybe that’s all the best android truck simulator games and the best Indonesian bus simulator games. Hope it is useful.

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