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Causes and How to Solve Instagram Can't Reload News Feed

By using Instagram, we can also see our friends’ posts, both photos and videos. but have you ever experienced your instagram can’t load news? If you have ever experienced the problem of Instagram not being able to load news stories, we have a solution for you to solve Instagram not being able to reload news stories.

By not being able to see the news on the Instagram homepage, of course it will make us annoyed and confused and usually there will be the words “Instagram Cannot Load Image Tap To Try Again” with the notification appearing it will make us even more confused. and to find out the following causes and solutions, we summarize in this article.

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Cause Instagram Can’t Reload News Feed

If you’re asking why Instagram can’t load news, maybe there are several causes that you need to pay attention to so that Instagram becomes normal again. In our opinion, the causes of Instagram not wanting to refresh are as follows.

  • Internet connection is not good
  • The Instagram application is still an old version
  • There is a lot of cache on Instagram that is rarely deleted

Maybe that’s some of the causes of Instagram not being able to reload news feeds on the homepage, and to solve them, here’s How to Fix Instagram Can’t Reload News Feed, namely:

How to Fix Instagram Can’t Refresh News

1. Check Internet Network Connection

Many people ask and have experienced why Instagram can’t load news? maybe the solution to overcome this is to check the internet connection that you use on the smartphone device. because if your internet network is not good, it will make Instagram slow and can’t load news. And if your connection is bad, you’re not only having trouble loading Instagram news. but you will also have difficulty opening other applications that require an internet connection to open them.

2. Clear Data & Cache

If you often use Instagram, your Instagram data and cache will accumulate and cause your smartphone’s memory to be full and will make Instagram not run optimally. therefore you need to delete the data and cache of the Instagram application regularly. to delete it data and cache you need [ Buka Pengaturan→ Manager Aplikasi→ Instagram→ Lalu kamu Hapus Data dan juga Hapus Cache ].

3. Force Quit Instagram App

To overcome Instagram not being able to reload news, the next step is to force stop the Instagram application. By doing this, you have to remember your Instagram username and password because after you are done, your Instagram account will log out, so you have to log in after you force stop. Here’s how to force stop: [Buka Pengaturan→ Aplikasi→ Instagram→ Paksa Berhenti].

4. Update the Instagram Application

Usually, by using the latest Instagram version, it is certain that there will be no more errors or errors in the Instagram application. to update the Instagram application you only need [Buka Google Play Store→ Cari Instgram→ Update]. By updating Instagram you will also get the latest features of the Instagram application.

5. Restart Smartphone

By restarting the smartphone (Restart) it will make your smartphone lighter and more optimal in performance. It’s possible that your Instagram can’t load news updates because your smartphone is too heavy to run the application so it will make Instagram very slow and it can’t even refresh the news. therefore you suggest restarting your smartphone at least once a day.

6. Delete Instagram App

The solution for Instagram not being able to reload the latest news is to delete the Instagram application and then download it again. Usually the Instagram application has a lot of data and cache that is difficult to delete on a smartphone, so you need to delete the Instagram application and then re-download it on the Google Play Store.

Conclusion :

That’s Causes and How to Solve Instagram Can’t Reload News Feed. The biggest factor that causes Instagram to not be able to reload news in our opinion is the internet network. because Instagram is very wasteful of internet data, which causes if your internet is a little slow, Instagram will be slow to open news, both photos and videos. Well that’s all, how to fix Instagram can’t refresh and the solution to Instagram can’t load news. Hope it is useful.

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