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Cause How to Overcome Mobile Legends Hero is not visible

How to solve no animation when choosing a Mobile Legends hero – Mobile legends game is becoming a popular game.

There are very many fans from year to year even though there are many other game rivals.

However, mobile legends still presents new innovations and new patches that seem to make this game player never bored to play this android game from Moonton.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game that is able to compete to date with other Android games.

Because MLBB updates new features every week, for example, changes in appearance, new heroes and new skins.

Which will make the players of this game become addicted to playing this Mobile Legends.

In addition, Mobile Legends with its gameplay of 5 vs 5 original players makes the game exciting and tense, especially playing with friends (mabar).

However, every week Mobile Legends updates the system where there will be changes to new heroes or skins, so when the update will make you download various game data.

Downloading this will greatly affect this game, for example, it will make your hero display invisible or become round because you haven’t finished downloading the game data.

Therefore, for those of you who are confused why the appearance of the mobile legends hero can not be seen?

Here we we have a solution with How to overcome the absence of animation when choosing a Mobile Legends hero, as follows.

Cause How to Overcome Mobile Legends Hero is not visible

1. Download game data not finished

For those of you who often clean your Android cellphone memory and accidentally delete the mobile legends game data memory.

This will affect the mobile legends game and will make the hero look round or even invisible because it hasn’t finished downloading.

But to solve this, you just have to open the mobile legends game and continue to use a good internet signal because downloading the game data is automatic and takes a long time depending on your internet signal.

To download it, you just open the mobile legends game and see a notification in the lower right corner, there will be a percentage of you downloading data from 0% to 100%.

Therefore, when downloading data, I recommend not playing in rank or classic mode because the hero is not visible, so you wait until the data download becomes 100%.

2. Mobile Legends application error

If an error occurs suddenly, that is, your hero does not appear suddenly, it is possible that your mobile legends application has an error and needs to be updated.

A very easy way is to go to “Google Play Store – Mobile Legends – Update“.

By updating yourself on the play store, you can make your mobile legends error return to normal.

3. Restart Smartphone

If you are an Android smartphone user, I suggest restarting your cellphone once a day.

Because if you don’t restart it, it will make your Android system tired because you do a lot of activities on Android, especially if you use it to play games without resting.

Therefore, try restarting your android once a day to make your android phone more optimal and prevent errors in the mobile legends game.

The final word :

That’s Cause How to Overcome Mobile Legend Hero Not Invisible.

Due to various reasons that make the mobile legends game application an error, namely making the hero on mobile legends invisible or round due to errors of various causes.

With the above method you can try one by one the method I shared above and hopefully it will be useful.