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The Latest Best Build Valentina Mobile Legends 2022

Many Mobile Legends players look forward to Valentina's arrival because this hero has a very unique skill, namely stealing the opponent's skill. The good news, this hero will be released in the near future. Before this hero is released, you better understand Valentina's skills first.

Build Valentina Mobile Legends

Not only that, but you can also look for the right build for Valentine so you can immediately use Valentina when it's released. So so that you don't have trouble, we will provide the best build recommendations for Valentina Mobile Legends.

Build Valentina Mobile Legends

In this build, Valentina will focus on damage. the following items:

Demon Shoes

As a mage, Valentina also needs mana to spam skills and as we know her mana regen in the early game is very low. Therefore, the use of Demon Shoes is very appropriate.

Enchanted Talisman

This item will give a large mana regen. In addition, Valentina will also get an increase in CD reduction, magic power, and HP, of course, which makes Valentina very aggressive in the early game.

Ice Queen Wand

The slow effect of this item will greatly help Valentina to do combos effectively on the opponent. Valentina will also get a CD reduction and make Valentina with free spam skills.

Genius Wand

To make the combo even more deadly, Valentina also needs sick damage so that she can finish off the enemy easily. Genius Wand will provide magic penetration and make the damage very painful.

Necklace of Durance

This item is arguably mandatory for a mage to use because it provides many advantages such as reducing HP lifesteal and enemy shields. In addition, Valentina will also get magic power, CD reduction, and magic lifesteal.


In order to be safe in critical situations, you must use this item. Immortality will turn on Valentina and get a shield.

Emblem dan Spell


For emblems, you can use the Mage emblem with talent points that maximize damage.


For spells you can use Flicker or Flameshot, you can adjust it to your own gameplay or by looking at the opponent's hero.

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