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The Best Rafaela MLBB Build Recommendation 2022

 The Best Rafaela MLBB Build Recommendation for the EVOS Rekt Version!

Rafaela is an annoying and popular roamer hero in the current meta. He is able to provide heal and additional movement for her colleagues.

Indeed, Estes is a reliable healer, but if there is no Estes, Rafaela is a good choice.

She can also be an initiator because of her stun, and although not as strong as Estes, Rafaela is proven to be versatile because of her various abilities.

Now, speaking of Rafaela, there is one MPL ID Season 8 player who is very strong with his Rafaela, namely EVOS Rekt. For those who are still confused about what build for Rafaela is, this is the recommendation for the best Rafaela build for the EVOS Rekt version.

Build Item Rafaela EVOS Rekt

The Best Rafaela MLBB Build Recommendation 2022

  • Tough Boots – Roam Favor
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Thunder Belt
  • Immortality
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Spell: Flicker

First, there are Tough Boots to reduce CC and roam Favor for additional heal, because Rafaela is not a hero whose heal is large enough.

Next, there is a Necklace of Durance where Rekt seems to often encounter hero regen so he has to turn it off with this item, and it's very easy because skill 1 has a fairly large area.

This item has additional mana for Rafaela, not to mention true damage, where when Rafaela dies it will leave a passive targeting the enemy who killed her.

Immortality is a defense item that is very useful because it can revive players, especially as a roamer, he must continue to survive so that his teammates remain safe with additional heal and movement speed.

For defense magic, there is Athena's Shield to ward off enemy magic heroes who can burst against it.

Additional Magic power to further strengthen the damage from Rafaela, yes she can also be used as an offense with her 1st and Ultimate skills.

That's the recommendation for Rafaela's EVOS Rekt build item, do you agree? Or just want to try the item right away?

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