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8 Advantages of Android vs Iphone

8 Advantages of Android vs Iphone – Boy Blogz

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8 Advantages of Android vs Iphone – Android and Iphone are indeed the most sought-after and popular smartphones at this time. But behind it all, of course, Android and iPhone have their respective advantages and disadvantages. It is undeniable that more people are eyeing and looking for Android than iPhone.

This happens because of several factors that make consumers use Android more than iPhone. Even so, it is not uncommon for people to prefer the iPhone to be their smart smartphone. Here I will share info about the advantages of android vs iphone.

Because each has its own advantages, it makes people confused about choosing Android or iPhone. So for that, please take a good look at the advantages of android vs iphone version of nakblogz:

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1. Dual Sim Card

If you use Android, you are lucky enough because in an Android smartphone you can install a dual sim card. this will make you more comfortable using the sim card. While the iPhone can only be installed with 1 sim card. so if you want 2 cards installed on android you can use an android smartphone. This is the most striking advantage of android. so that makes many people prefer android over iphone because one of them is in terms of sim card.

2. Android can replace the battery

Maybe the advantage of Android compared to iPhone is that Android smartphones can be replaced by batteries. When there is damage to your Android phone, you can replace it easily, while for battery damage on your iPhone, you must go to CS iPhone because the iPhone battery is a built-in battery, aka the battery cannot be removed. However, even so, Android phones are now more dominant in installing a permanent battery that cannot be removed so that it makes Android look more elegant with a thin and light body.
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3. Support MicroSD Slot

On Android smartphones, it supports using an SD card or an additional external card. If the internal memory on your Android phone is full, you can use an external card as an addition. So that your internal memory is rarely full. Currently there are several variants of external card sizes, namely 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and even have reached 256GB. As for the iPhone itself, it is only able to store files on the internal card or device memory and does not support SD cards. The iPhone’s internal memory variants also vary from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. So that makes you unable to save more files than the internal iPhone.

4. Easy Google sync

On your Android phone, it’s very easy to sync with Google. just by entering a google account that is you can access all google products and synchronize. your smartphone will automatically download the gmail inbox data book mark will automatically move to google chrome on your phone. so you can use google more easily. As for the iPhone itself, you have to enter account data one by one into all Google applications. Well, that’s the advantage that Android has compared to iPhone in terms of Google synchronization.

5. Can send files via Bluetooth

Android users will find it easier to send files, whether in the form of songs, videos, and others, can send them directly using Bluetooth. Bluetooth functions on Android are also very many, one of which can send large files quickly. So if you are an Android user, you are quite proud because your cellphone can send any file to your cellphone, be it an iPhone or Blackberry. As for the iphone, bluetooth can’t be used to send files in the form of music, fan film photos, this is already in the settings from the factory, the iphone itself can’t send files via bluetooth, but bluetooth on the iphone also has a function, namely a bluetooth headset, we can hear songs without using a cellphone .

6. Wider Android Screen

It is undeniable that the screen on an Android smartphone is indeed varied and certainly larger than the iPhone. on android the screen can reach 6 ” even 7 ” will make you feel at home using android with a wide screen to play games or other activities. As for the iPhone itself, it still has a screen that is much smaller than the current Android. Even though the iPhone has a small screen, it also has the advantage that it can be held in one hand and is easy to carry everywhere.

7. Multi Account

Android users are certainly made to feel at home and comfortable with the features that Android itself has, namely multi accounts or many Google accounts, this affects us to play games, email and others. While the iPhone itself only allows one user for one device. But behind it all there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

8. Affordable Price

Well.. this is what guides people to buy or choose a smartphone now, which is based on the price offered. For Android phones themselves, prices vary and are affordable for the community. As for the iPhone has a fairly high price. Although the price is affordable, the anadroid brand varies greatly so that the price of an android phone varies as well.

All smartphones have their own strengths and weaknesses. It depends on us ourselves who choose the cellphone. Android is indeed very many brands and advantages that the iPhone does not have. but for the iphone itself also has advantages that android does not have. So in conclusion, all cellphones, both Android and iPhone, have their respective advantages.

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