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7 most effective ways to deal with a slow Android

7 most effective ways to overcome a slow Android – Nak Blogz

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Android is indeed one of the smartphones that is currently on the rise. because of its cheapness and sophistication it is able to compete with other smartphones. When you buy a smartphone, of course, the performance or speed of your smartphone is very fast, but as time goes by, your Android phone will gradually become slow or slow when used. Thus surely the owner
Android is annoyed with its slow Android performance.

To overcome all that this time I will try to share how to overcome a slow android via NakBlogz. Previously, Android performance was slow due to several factors, for example, your Android has excess applications, small RAM, and inadequate Rom. To overcome all that so that your Android can work optimally, please take a good look, here are the 7 most effective ways to deal with a slow Android.

1. Reduce Widget

By reducing the number of widgets on Android, you will speed up the performance of your phone itself. Widgets that are on your android home may be very useful for you but did you know that using too many widgets will cause android performance to be slow and even crash. Widgets that are often installed on Android home are weather forecast widgets and Facebook widgets. If you install both widgets it will automatically update, for example the weather forecast widget will always be updated every day and will take up a lot of ram over time. Similar to the facebook widget, when we update the status on facebook, the facebook widget on our android will automatically update also this will cause our android to slow down and eat a lot of ram. To overcome this, it’s a good idea for you to delete the widgets that are on your Android home and if there are important widgets, you can install no more than one so that the phone’s performance can run well.

2. Delete or Force stop unused apps

The next way to overcome a slow android is to delete applications that are not used or are not useful to you. If you don’t delete unused apps this will cause your android storage to be full and the phone won’t be able to work optimally, and also if you don’t uninstall unused apps or force stop it will cause your ram capacity to be low. For that, I recommend deleting or forcibly stopping applications that you no longer use so that your Android remains optimal when in use.

3. Clear Cache Data

Cache is a place to temporarily store data from applications that you have used before. If you don’t delete or clear cache data from your application, it will accumulate and will affect the performance of the phone and will cause Android to be slow and slow. Therefore, you should delete the data cache on Android by going to settings >> storage >> cache data or you can clear the data cache in each application with Settings >> app manager >> select app >> clear cache data By applying this method, it is guaranteed that your Android will not be slow anymore.

4. Choose another launcher

Use a good and good launcher, because the launcher is very influential on Android performance. So for that, please choose the best launcher for your Android so that Android is not slow. Although every Android has its own default launcher, you can change the launcher with the aim of improving performance and getting new themes that will make your phone feel unique. To choose a good launcher for Android you can read: List of 10 best launchers for android 2022 so that your android is not slow and gets a new theme.

5. Pay attention to android’s internal memory

Every android is certainly equipped with internal memory which is often called ROM. ROM itself greatly affects the performance of your Android if your internal memory is full and your Android device’s performance will automatically decrease. To overcome this you have to see what the size of your internal memory is and don’t let it be full. The way to keep the internal memory from being full is to avoid storing a lot of data in the form of files, applications and the like, so that your Android can work optimally.

6. Restart android

By restarting Android, you will avoid problems with Android. get used to every day try to restart android at least once so that android performance continues to increase. How to restart android is very easy, just press the power button and hold it there will be an option to just restart android. This method is very effective for overcoming a slow Android because when Android is restarted, the Android cellphone while alive will be fresh and will not be slow or slow.

7. Update android OS version

The way to keep Android from being slow is to update the Android OS version. By updating the android os version will cause your android os to be newer, of course with better features and performance. To update the Android OS version, you just have to go to Settings>>about>>update. if your android phone gets an update to the latest os version there is usually a notification, and if your android doesn’t get an update you have to be patient. To know more about the Android OS version, you can read: Get to know the various versions of the Android OS. so that you can get to know the OS version on Android more.

So that was how to deal with a slow android, actually the factor that really affects slow android is the RAM capacity of the android itself, so it is recommended for those of you who store a lot of data and applications on Android, it is recommended to choose an android that has a lot of RAM capacity. or you can to reduce applications and data on your android, it will cause your android not to slow down anymore.

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